The world is full of exceptions. Things change and evolve, and so do company plans, objectives, strategy, and goals. Having a locked-down solution doesn’t allow for modifications, which results in frustrations and costly workarounds. The flexibility of the Corporater Business Management Platform accommodates for these changes.

Our solutions are used by public and private organizations in various industries, including state and local government, energy, education, banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, health care, technology, logistics, food and agriculture, communications, media, and non-profit.

The business solutions are configured on the Business Management Platform. Solutions configured on the Corporater Business Management Platform, offer the managerial decision-making environment that enables customers to achieve their business outcomes.

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How to build solutionsWith the Corporater Platform

A quick tour on how and what to build with the Corporater Business Management Platform

Solution Areas

Create your own business management solution using our platform.  We offer 250 ready-made business objects, out of the box, to support your full business framework – from data to business outcomes. Listed below are some of the business management solutions that were created by our customers.

Governance and Business Agility

Protect and enhance business value and operational efficiency by introducing governing structures & processes, a risk-intelligent culture, informed decision-making, and multiple compliance and assurance layers.

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Corporate Performance Management

Integrate the corporate performance management processes across the organization. Transform your budgeting, planning, strategy management and financial consolidation to strategic activities that drive your financial performance.

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Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Enable your organization to quickly, consistently and efficiently respond to challenges provided by a continuously evolving risk & opportunity profile and rapidly changing regulatory requirements.

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Compliance Management

Enable your organization to meet compliance objectives while improving performance by leveraging an integrated framework and 3rd party data aggregation in support of the strategic objectives.

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Strategy Management

Turn the vague, imprecise realm of visions and strategies into clear and objective performance measures. Align all of your business units and processes within the business management platform.

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KPIs, Dashboards and Analytics

Track your key performance indicators, manage and analyze all your business metrics in one place. Create visually stunning dashboards and compare the KPIs with strategic and operational objectives to ensure alignment across the organization.

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Project and Portfolio Management

Provide complete visibility into your portfolio of projects.  Integrate project prioritization, control and reporting .

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Enterprise Risk Management

Experience the business impact of having a shared, dynamic risk register for any type of risk – from the operational to the strategic level and the ability to correlate the corporate risk profile, impacts and risk maturity with business performance and strategic objectives.

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Employee Performance Management

Build a world-class organization by  strategically managing  employee performance. Align employee goals, training, and incentives with your business strategy and link compensation to targeted metrics.

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Balanced Scorecard Software

Easily build scorecards, track KPIs and manage performance metrics across multiple perspectives using an easy-to-use web-based user interface.

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SMCR Software

Enable integrity, drive cultural change, and establish responsibility for every department, business activity, and management functions related to SMCR requirements using our ready-to-use SMCR software.

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Anti-money Laundering Software

Reduce the overall anti-money laundering associated costs by prioritizing your AML workflows, and configure custom dashboards to display relevant data metrics, KPIs, KRIs, and KCIs at each organizational level.

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"The Business Management Platform is extremely flexible and easy to work with and are committed to continuously improving it. The web interface is very intuitive and requires very little training to learn to use."

Chris Kauffman

Director, Outcome Measurement, Pathfinder Inc.

The Corporater Business Management Platform makes it possible for both large and small organizations to link strategy, KPIs, decisions and actions. The platform covers a wide range of needs, all from strategy execution, operations management, risk management or quality control. Sopra Steria is pleased to be an implementation partner and be working closely with Corporater.

Claus Klein-Ipsen

CEO, Sopra Steria Denmark

"The Corporater team was very dedicated, with a keen interest towards our business, and very flexible in responding to our (often ad-hoc) needs. They supported us on a daily basis, sometimes even in week-ends, and committed to deliver to our standards. We strongly recommend the team and the solution for any business looking to take the next step in performance management and strategy execution monitoring."   

Anamaria Acristini-Georgescu

Balanced Scorecard Program Coordinator

Corporater has a good price / quality ratio.

Anamaria Acristini-Georgescu

Balanced Scorecard Program Coordinator

"Corporater Business Management Platform has been extremely user-friendly and has helped us consolidate all the KPIs and our initiatives in one place, enabling effective reviews and quicker decision making.”

Judy Wignell

Manager Business Performance, Western Water, Australia

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