Risks exist everywhere in organizations. By integrating risk management on the Corporater platform, users have a clear understanding of the potential impact of the risks, and the effectiveness of risk reduction activities. Create ongoing awareness of compliance activities and governance requirements by embedding risk focus within your management platform.

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With Corporater, you can model any framework to deliver a business-driven management solution. The possibilities are endless. Discover how businesses like yours, use Corporater to orchestrate, plan, and manage enterprise performance.

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What is your risk profile?

What risks and compliance requirements affect your company?

The Corporater Business Management Platform helps you establish a central library of risk or compliance items.  We can even integrate with external libraries, such as legal databases.

Using our GRC workflow tools, map risks to employees or business units and visualize the evolution of your risks over time– as well as the risk reduction plans or compliance controls you have in place.

Reduce your risk

Creating awareness and monitoring your risks is not enough. Businesses need plans to reduce risks and to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.  Tune your plans to fit your level of acceptance and cost.

Whether your risks are internally or externally defined,  we help you manage risk by automating notifications, alerts and workflow.  Drill into risk dashboards to identify problem areas, and take proactive control.

Take control of your risk profile

Manage your risk and compliance activities directly within their business context.  Corporater provides easy to use risk dashboards that can aggregate or escalate risk to provide the transparency management needs.

Monitor the effectiveness of your risk mitigation plans and compliance controls.

Start saving time by automating your risk reporting system– with notifications and alerts.

Connect risk and compliance to the business

Eliminate the siloed approach to risk management by integrating it with the strategic and operational management of your organization. Increase awareness and effectiveness of your risk mitigation practices by connecting them to your business management platform.

Manage risk and compliance effectively

Evaluate and treat risks within their business context. Provide a greater understanding of your entire performance picture by linking risks to meeting goals and objectives, project risks, and daily business processes.

Business in control

Create flexible business apps that manage risks the way your business manage risks. Whether you centrally, locally, or externally define risks, Corporater business apps provide the functionality and workflow to visualize, evaluate, monitor, and mitigate risks.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your individual governance, risk, and compliance needs. Corporater provides 250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • COSO and ISO risk frameworks
  • Compliance dashboards
  • Governance reports
  • Risk mitigation plans
  • Strategic and operational risk management
  • GDPR dashboards
  • Project risks
  • Risk workflow and alerts


Corporater helps Compliance become an effective business partner, rather than an internal policeman

Nick Jepson

GRC Specialist Mudbrick Limited

"Corporater provides an essential combination of bespoke dashboards to monitor your responsibilities and the ability to capture the actions you take"

Nick Jepson

GRC Specialist, Mudbrick Limited

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