Business Integrity Monitoring

The market is witnessing a stronger emphasis on Environment, Social, and good Governance that impacts the reputation and brand value of organizations worldwide. By integrating these aspects into the enterprise governance, risk, and compliance platform, your organization can govern, manage, promote, monitor, and report your organization’s internal and external footprint related to the softer business values that are becoming more and more important by aggregating and correlating data from different sources, implementing best-practices, conducting surveys, auto generating reports, complying to regulatory requirements, and distributing informative dashboards to the board, top management, on your intranet and throughout your office locations.

  • Social Responsibility & Impact
  • Business Ethics
  • Code of Conduct
  • Customer & Employee Satisfaction
  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • Compliance Maturity & Adherence.
  • Individual Accountability and Integrity
  • Data Privacy Metrics

Reduce misconduct, make an environmental impact, and build stronger brand by embracing a stronger ethical culture.

Corporater Business Integrity Monitoring Software

Key Features

  • Business framework support
  • Advanced traffic light settings
  • Meeting support
  • Assessments
  • Approval
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Automatic data collection
  • Manual data collection
  • Workflow for process support
  • Access control
  • No coding – only configuration
  • Agile, flexible configuration environment operated by business users

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Business Integrity – not just a talking point

Show your internal and external stakeholders that Business Integrity is not just a talking point, but a critical practise area, and that you know in tangible terms on why you are confident and proud, about the way you are running business.

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