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Digital Transformation Management Software

Transforming your business to be digitally enabled is vital to staying relevant in today’s economy. However, tracking your digital transformation progress, controlling current digital operations and working on organizational change all at once can be a challenge.

Manage the complexity and broad scope of digital transformation with the Digital Transformation Management Software, powered by the Corporater Business Management Platform.

Visualize how your digital transformation initiatives connect with and impact your overall organizational strategy, and drill down to monitor the progress of digital transformation activities, without losing track of ongoing digital operations, all within a single management platform.

Corporater Digital Transformation Management Software:

  • CEO and CDO strategic view
    • Visualize digital transformation impacts in relation to overall organization strategy
    • Provide a consolidated view of all digital initiatives, programs and projects across multiple departments
  • Information Technology
    • Control IT budget
    • Control service levels for marketing and sales systems
  • Digital Sales
    • Analyze digital sales funnel
    • Track sales revenue and cost of sales by channel
  • Finance
    • Compare revenue from traditional and digital channels
    • Control multiple departments budgets, costs and projects benefit realization
  • Human Resources
    • Digitally manage workforce metrics such as turnover and productivity
    • Control recruiting and human capital management costs
  • Digital Marketing
    • Centralize information from several platforms
    • Manage digital marketing metrics such as cost-per-click and click-through rate
  • Customer Experience
    • Visualize your customer journey map and ensure an optimal digital experience for your customers
  • Reports
    • Chief Digital Officer - Business Review Report
    • Program and Project Steering Group Report
    • KPI Performance Report

  • Business framework support
  • Traffic light settings
  • Approvals
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Workflow and process support
  • Access control
  • KPI management
  • Drill down to analyze cause and effect
  • Actions and initiatives to drive performance
  • Built-in benchmarking and ranking
  • Agile, flexible configuration environment operated by business users
  • Import data from multiple sources and operational systems
  • C-level Business dashboards
  • Track initiatives and projects, as well as risks and dependencies

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CEO Dashboard: Digital Transformation Guided by Strategy

By connecting digital transformation processes to the overall strategy management features of the Corporater Business Management Platform, CEOs can clearly see the impact of transformation on the organization. They can drill into more detailed views of the digital transformation initiatives.

Digital Transformation Management

Through the digital transformation scorecard, digital leaders receive strategic view of the status of digital operations and transformation metrics throughout the organization. These can include performance metrics, budget analytics, data visualizations, strategic maps, and more.

Digital Marketing Management

Customers increasingly rely on digital devices for product information and purchasing, making digital marketing campaigns more vital than ever. With Corporater, marketing leaders can centralize information from multiple platforms and control digital marketing efforts.

Customer Experience Dashboard

The digital economy places people at the heart of the business. The customer experience dashboard helps you evaluate how you engage and serve your customers, to ensure the success of the organization.

Digital Sales Management

The digital sales management dashboard helps sales managers to drive more business opportunities and manage digital sales channels. It displays the strength of digital sales funnel, monitors e-commerce traffic and tracks ROI of sales and marketing activities.

Information Technology Dashboard

The head of IT can easily track the performance of multiple systems, to ensure an optimal digital experience for customers and employees.

Finance Dashboard

The finance dashboard provides CFOs with a clear overview of their most important financial indicators, both from digital initiatives and in general. These dashboards can control budgets, compare revenue from traditional and digital channels and analyze the realization of project benefits.

Human Resources Dashboard

Human resources dashboards help HR to digitally manage workforce performance and development. They monitor and evaluate employee turnover, guide employee satisfaction initiatives, control overall employee costs and more.

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