Living the Dream

How often do you utter the phrase, “I wish”? We hear it a lot from customers who have implemented BI (Business Intelligence). They love the analytic power of BI (and we, too, are big fans of BI!) but the business side of the organization is left wishing BI could do more than “just provide information on demand.”

If you are tired of logging into your “Dashboard” to check the latest status and then logging into another system to take action, then read on. Many managers share your frustration. Most managers have many systems to monitor and feel their time would be better spent on value-add activities.
The current generation of Dashboards lack the capability of putting BI into a process context – in other words, enabling action.

What do you WISH your Dashboard would do?

Should it:

  • Notify you about results?
  • Escalate bad results?
  • Ask you to launch an initiative to get back on track?
  • Recommend an analysis if there seems to be money left on the table?
  • Call for a management meeting based on the status/ situation of your company?
  • Ask for your assessment of the situation?
  • Ask for updates on your initiatives?
  • Ask for risk assessments?
  • Give positive reinforcements and send a reward to teams that are performing well?
The wish list is long for processes that should surround BI. In fact, the lack of a good process engine is one of the missing core pieces of today’s BI systems.
With Corporater, “If only” and “I wish” are history. If you can articulate how you would like to run your business, Corporater can automate it and “bring your current BI system to life”.
living the dream blog

Figure : Business Dashboard with Actions and Process Support

With our unique workflow engine, we configure your governance principles and rules. Based on your rules, Corporater will interact with you through email and reports and ensure that business execution happens.

Corporater – Business in Control

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