Are you still using spreadsheets for your balanced scorecard?

Spreadsheets are widely used business tools to track performance. However they are not the best choice when it comes to specialized frameworks, such as a Balanced Scorecard.

It is essential for a good Balanced Scorecard tool to be highly functional yet easy to use, quick to implement (yet scalable), and allow for functional variations while keeping intact the core principles of the balanced scorecard methodology. A proper tool brings your strategy to life – enabling action, accountability, and visibility as strategy moves from a side-of-desk activity to an essential element of your operations.

Introducing Corporater Business Management Platform – a certified Balanced Scorecard solution used by hundreds of organizations worldwide that use the BSC methodology effectively.

Corporater makes balanced scorecard implementation easy and effective.

Don’t let spreadsheets hinder your strategy execution – try our Balanced Scorecard solution now!


Issues With Using Spreadsheets to Try and Manage a BSC

  • Multiple spreadsheets lead to multiple versions of the truth
  • Ownership and accountability is limited – often funneled thru the strategy office
  • Lack of control over data consistency
  • Dependence on manual data collection
  • Lack of scalability – as your BSC matures, so do your expectations
  • Lack of visibility and accountability – difficult to share performance data through all levels of organization

Key benefits of using Corporater Business Management Platform


  • Single version of the truth – centralized view of performance with web-based interface
  • Seamless integration of performance metrics, people, and data
  • Easy to navigate and drill down through large organizations or multiple scorecards
  • Adapts into any performance measurement model
  • User access management functionality gives control over information flow
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data
  • Strategic initiatives, performance reports, risk management, and more

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“In Corporater, I found what I have been looking for – this is the next generation of Balanced Scorecard software made for Business Users”
Paul Niven
Balanced Scorecard Guru and Best-selling Author

Palladium Certified Software - Balanced Scorecard

Corporater Business Management Platform is Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified

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