“Agility” is the next wave

I don’t know if you have had a chance to look at the North American Palladium Summit program for this year. One of the main topics Kaplan & Norton are speaking about is “Agility & Speed” and the response time for an organization to adapt their strategy during volatile times and implement it.

A company has a lot of similarities with a big computer system – difficult to change, long time lapse between releases, continuous threat of small and agile competitors and so on…

Many software companies have developed new agile development methodologies for solving these above issues. Concepts like Scrum, Xtreme Programming etc. can as well be applied to organizations that need to adapt and change fast. I think the “beat of business” really demands that companies be more agile.

Agile strategies also require agile Balanced Scorecard Software. I believe that software vendors basing their Balanced Scorecard solely on Data warehouse technologies will fail to keep up with the speed of change.

I look forward to hearing what the Balanced Scorecard gurus are coming out with in new research results on this topic at the conference this November.


Tor Inge Vasshus

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