Adding Workflow to your Performance Management processes

Adding Workflow to your Performance Management processes

I have seen several times, enterprises facing problems with the implementation of their performance management systems and processes. There are several reasons for this.

The 3 main reasons for failure I have noted are:

  1. People – Many of the performance management initiatives are run by a few individuals without involving all concerned.
  2. Systems / Models – Many initiatives fail due to bad systems or bad performance management models
  3. Processes – Most performance management initiatives fail to set the processes efficiently, and this is what I would like to elaborate a bit on in this blog entry.

I have seen many companies focusing on systems and KPIs, but rarely have I seen projects explaining how to use the systems and models. How to manage, when to act, how to act, when to update, when to meet, etc., are important questions for a performance management project.

Actually, it is not a project – it is an ongoing process. It is, in short, a way of managing your company. If these processes (or management principles) are not set in a “project” they will most likely fail.

I believe that a performance management project should focus as much if not more on the processes (how to use the information and manage performance), then on finding the perfect KPI [for those of you that are still searching – there is no perfect KPI!

Corporater’s workflow module helps companies exercise better control over their set strategy and performance management processes, and additionally “persuade” people/businesses to think in line with the organizational strategy. It also helps companies implement dynamic resource allocation, follow up on relative performance, etc.

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