Jumpstart your journey to connected enterprise

No matter where you are in your digital journey, Corporater can help you jumpstart your journey to connected enterprise. Corporater enables you to digitalize key aspects of your business, automate processes and workflows, connect your data into a single source of truth, and eliminate departmental silos, so that you could operate more efficiently and make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive business outcomes.

Make smarter decisions

Organizations that can input data and distribute insights across all its business units can make decisions more effectively.

Have a complete picture

Having insights from all your teams, departments, and business units allows you to easily see where you need to make adjustments.

Optimize operations

Interconnecting your operations will help you achieve more accurate tracking, uncover gaps, and optimize resources where needed.

Eliminate silos and drive business outcomes

Strategic alignment is the cornerstone of good governance.

Corporater enables organizations to connect the strategic, tactical, and operational layers of their business, eliminate silos, and drive business outcomes as a connected enterprise.

The Corporater Way
Manage your strategy, tactics, and operations in one place

Manage your strategy, tactics, and operations with a single digital tool. Connect your operational units and maximize the cooperation between them. Automate your processes, optimize operational workflows, and provide everyone in your organization with a single source of truth.

Explore the power of Corporater Business Management Platform.

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The Corporater Way
Connect your entire organization, not just your teams

With Corporater, you may connect your entire organization – teams, departments, business units, facilities, regions, etc. – using a single digital tool. Eliminate silos and improve efficiency by sharing common terminology, processes, and templates, and achieve a company-wide strategic alignment by keeping everyone connected to your corporate strategy.

A company-wide, strategic alignment is the base for a strong corporate culture, which leads to improved business performance, more engaged employees, and higher long-term returns.

Bridge the gap from insight to impact

Data and insights alone cannot drive business outcomes. To achieve business impact, insights need to be reviewed in business context and be put into action through a well-executed plan.

Software solutions built on Corporater Business Management Platform (BMP) are engineered with five key components – data, insights, business context, planning, and execution. In combination these components function as a value chain that enables organizations to uncover actionable insights, review them in business context, develop a plan, and put the plan into action to drive measurable business outcomes.

The Corporater Way


The value in data is its potential to generate insights that lead to business outcomes. Corporater enables organizations to collect and combine data from various data sources (via manual and / or automated input), scrub it in its raw form, and format it for visualization and analysis.


Draw actionable insights. Corporater enables organizations to transform raw data into business intelligence by enriching data through “man + machine” approach and extracting insights within the tool. (Corporater can also integrate with third-party insights tools.) This allows organizations to gather all insights that a solid business case is built upon.


Data insights without the right business context are meaningless. Corporater enables organizations to have a “full picture” overview with data insights displayed within the context of a specific department, entity, or the entire business, so that users could make smarter, data-driven decisions.


Turning insights into action requires a proper plan. Corporater enables users to use uncovered insights to develop integrated project plans complete with project objectives, key initiatives, milestones, task owners, risk & cost analysis, and due dates.


Delivering business impact is dependent on a successful execution of each item outlined in the project plan. Corporater provides an execution engine that drives the workflow / processes of your plan allowing you to execute multiple tasks in parallel or sequentially.



Corporater BMP Value chain enables organizations to drive business outcomes such as:

  • Increased revenue and growth
  • Increased profitability
  • Strengthened business resilience
  • Effective governance and oversight
  • Improved business performance
  • Ensured compliance and quality assurance
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced risk and threats
  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Increased retention rates and employee satisfaction
  • Increased shareholder value
  • Improved business operations
  • Improved business maturity
The Corporater Way
Run your business operations as a connected enterprise

Corporater enables organizations to see the whole picture and function as a connected enterprise: collect data from all business units, draw insights from the data, and get these insights to the right people at the right time.

Operating as a connected enterprise locks in long-term competitive advantages, such as more effective decisions, increased productivity, and optimized operations.

All Corporater solutions can be seamlessly integrated with one another allowing you to start with one solution and add more later as your organization’s needs evolve.

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Deployment of your choice

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Powerful Data Integration

Integrate data from various sources to have a full picture of your business.

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Have it your way – create a solution that fits your specific business requirements.

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Rapid Implementation

Get up and running in weeks, not months, with Corporater ready-to-go accelerators.

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Corporater is VL5 Veracode Verified and offers the highest level of security.

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