What software vendors don’t want you to know

What software vendors don’t want you to know!

Understanding the gap between a technology stack and a business solution is a key in achieving a successful business solution. Learn how Corporater fills the gap by enabling you to configure your business solutions according to your specific needs.

People often don’t know the difference between a technology tool and a business solution. Actually, there is a big gap between them.  Understanding the difference can be the key to achieving a successful business solution.

To create a business solution, you need to access data. This is often done through an integration tool. The data goes into a database, often known as a data warehouse. The data is then displayed by a visualization tool, usually in a dashboard. These dashboard tools offer nice visualization capabilities, but they lack vital functionality that a specific business solution needs.  Here is where there is still a big gap. Filling this gap is the part that no one wants to discuss!  It is the biggest risk in terms of time and cost.  Left unfilled, buyers will lack the critical functionality needed by a proper business solution. The “technology stack” development journey is usually costly, has a long lead time from when you start until completion, and it comes with a big risk, where in many cases you don’t get what you want. A few important questions to ask before embarking on buying a business solution are:

  • Do you have to develop or customize?  Or is it supported “out of the box”?
  • Every business solution is built on a business framework – how well is this supported?
  • People expect easy navigation and content-rich solution pages where users can interact.  How well is this supported?
  • If you want to act and fix a business problem, does the solution support activities and initiatives.  Can you assign responsibility?
  • An often over-looked reality is that some of the information you need is in not available in any database. You need functionality for manual data collection. How easily can you capture it?
  • Sometimes, rather than logging-in and exploring my content, you  want information to find you?.  Can you specify rules in the system to receive notifications, reminders, and alerts of important issues?
  • What about access control, workflow, collaboration, approval processes, and document generation? How is this supported?

The video will elaborate on how to make a good decision based on the above questions while evaluating business solutions.

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