Strategic Planning and Initiatives

Executing your strategy requires more than setting targets, goals and objectives—it requires an execution framework. Corporater helps you reach your strategic destination by giving your workforce a roadmap for delivering business outcomes We help visualize plans and initiatives, automate task management, and help you prioritize and optimize resources.

Discover the benefits of managing strategy on a platform. We provide a complete solution that enables customers a holistic view on how initiatives impact goals and objectives, and provide a comprehensive framework for linking multiple management disciplines together. Know at a glance if your investments are making their desired impacts, and collaborate and drive accountability across the organization as you strategically align your workforce.

Corporater has been used by organizations across the globe for 18 years to manage initiatives and plan strategy. We place strategy at the heart of performance management.

Strategic Planning and Initiatives Software

Key Areas Supported

  • Strategic objectives
  • KPI hierarchies
  • Planning
  • Strategy maps
  • Approval processes
  • Set up organizational maps
  • Define goals and KPI targets
  • Create initiative templates
  • Assessments
  • Automatic reporting
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Advanced status indicators
  • Benchmarking and ranking
  • Replicate your strategy model
  • Build your business digital twin
  • Risk integration
  • Strategy review meetings
  • Cascade strategies and plans

Key Features

  • Assessments
  • Approvals
  • Collaboration
  • Manual data collection
  • Spreadsheet integration
  • Third party data integration
  • Workflow and  process support
  • Access control
  • No coding – configuration only
  • Reporting
  • Agile and flexible business configuration

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Strategy Map

Communicate strategy visually, using strategy maps. Provide a clear understanding and context to your workforce for making decisions. Bring your maps to life by including status indicators and automatic navigation to drill into problem areas.

Strategic Objective

Measuring something doesn’t change it. Corporater provides everything you need to act on your insights. You can easily add tasks and initiatives to your scorecards – and track and monitor their progress. Go beyond analyzing data, by adding planning and execution, to achieve business outcomes.

Strategic Initiatives and Projects

Projects and initiatives are your performance drivers. Create, engage and monitor the execution of your initiatives and see how they are impacting your strategic objectives and KPIs. View them organizationally or group them in portfolios.

Strategic Projects – Turn your Initiatives into actionable Drivers

Measure the success of your strategy. Connect your strategic initiatives to your strategic plans and KPIs in the same view. Using the platform, users can create detailed initiative pages that show related tasks, risks, issues and much more.

Portfolio overviews

Summarize your strategic initiatives in detailed dashboards to fully understand how they impact the execution of your strategy.

Dashboards summarizing your KPIs and your strategic execution

Create visual dashboards to help your executives make the better decisions. Visualize the status and progress of your initiatives and objectives.


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