The Corporater Performance Management solutions enable organizations worldwide to foster productive communication, empower employees, share information, delegate tasks, provide feedback, distribute appraisals, encourage employee engagement, carry out training programs, instill uniform processes across all departments, manage project risk, and provide visibility into project progress for all stakeholders.

The configurability and the agile approach of the Corporater software provides the ability to configure the software to address a specific performance need or take a holistic approach looking at a broad spectrum of solution options including corporate performance management, project and portfolio management, employee performance management, KPIs, dashboards & analytics.

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With Corporater, you can model any framework to deliver a business-driven management solution. The possibilities are endless. Discover how businesses like yours, use Corporater to orchestrate, plan, and manage enterprise performance.

Are you linking finance to strategy?

Planning is often one-way process of budgeting resources, and monitoring their use over time. The challenge is in linking the resources to the outcomes they produce (or don’t).

The Corporater Business Management Platform closes this loop, to help companies to better understand if projects are meeting their objectives and delivering intended benefits. This helps businesses use their resources more effectively. Are you getting the most out of your resources?

Integrate planning

The Corporater Business Management Platform takes CPM beyond the financial, by linking planning and budgeting to strategy. This enables organizations the flexibility to create and cascade plans that fit their management needs.

With Corporater, you are not limited by the financial structure of the company. You can connect your key projects to their financial data, and add your workflow for approving and initiating your projects.

Control your resources

Corporater’s powerful reporting engine can provide both summary level and detailed financial details. These can be linked to mitigating statements provided by users that can explain why financial targets were or were not met.

Corporater saves customers time and resources by automating the reporting process, for annual and monthly reports. You can even automate exception reports that can highlight problematic areas as they occur.

KPIs are more than just numbers

Rather than offering a flat set of reports, Corporater provides the context of the reporting period, the business unit, and other business information, such as the project, goal, or objective that the data is related to. We also help users communicate the story contained in the data, by adding comments, evaluations, assessments, where they can easily be reused in reports.

Setting insights into actions

This means your supporting data, your data insights, the decision process, and the plans are all available on a single interface, where they can be easily managed. You can assign accountability to know how and why you arrived at your conclusions, as well as to map responsibility for setting the plan into action.

Drive accountability and transparency

The Corporater Business Management Platform helps align individual and organizational performance to promote better decisions and better outcomes by driving accountability. Users clearly understand the actions they are responsible for, and can easily assess their progress in meeting goals, targets, and timelines.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your corporate performance management needs. Corporater provides
250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • Corporate planning
  • Performance reporting
  • Integrated financial planning
  • Strategy management
  • Profitability management


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At Corporater we know every customer is different, so we have highly personalized the customer experience. Before you even become a customer, we help you in your evaluation process, so you can choose the right solution for you.

If you are seeking a specific solution and want to understand how it can be configured with our Business Management Platform, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss your unique requirements and work with you to create a demo customized to your needs.

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