The Corporater Business Platform provides analytics, planning, and execution apps at all levels of your organization. By connecting employees to the platform, users can make the right decisions at the right time. Decisions can be made within their business context, and accountability for executing is clearly understood. Motivate employees by providing them with roadmaps for their success.

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What is your workforce capable of achieving?

How can you motivate and unleash the collective talents of your employees? Corporater helps you cascade organizational performance to the individual level, where roles, responsibilities, contributions, and performance are clearly understood. Use benchmarking to identify high achievers, create corrective plans to support under-performers, and gain insight into areas of improvement that drive perpetuate a performance-focused work culture. Understand your workforce better with Corporater.

Keep workforce aligned

Turn annual employee evaluations from an annual activity to an on-going process.
Corporater simplifies the management of individual employees through personal scorecards and individual pages that summarize activities, initiatives, and metrics that they are responsible for.

Keep your workforce aligned and tuned into your company strategy to deliver business outcomes.

Show your workforce how you take care of them

Align your wellness programs with the strategic goals of your organization. Healthy and happy employees are more productive employees. Participation in wellness programs can have a measurable impact on employee productivity, engagement and overall satisfaction. Monitor and measure employee wellness, wellness program participation, employee performance, and wellness program impact.

Drive accountability and transparency

The Corporater Business Management Platform helps align individual and organizational performance to promote better decisions and better outcomes by driving accountability. Users clearly understand the actions they are responsible for, and can easily assess their progress in meeting goals, targets, and timelines.

Collaborate to drive outcomes

The Corporater Business Management Platform is for everyone– not only managers. Your employees hold the keys to understanding and overcoming challenges in reaching your goals. Build business apps that collect and share the collective wisdom of your employees to drive business results.

Business in control

Align your entire workforce with your corporate goals and objectives by providing easy to use business apps. Empower employees to understand how they contribute to your business outcomes, and provide a clear plan for promoting their individual success.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your individual performance management needs. Corporater provides
250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • Employee dashboards
  • Individual notifications, reminders, and alerts
  • Employee workflow
  • Accountability tracking
  • Individual goals and assessments
  • Competence management
  • Collaboration apps
  • Compensation management


“Conducting the survey and taking corrective action was a manual and time-consuming process, and we needed a tool that automated the entire process, yet abiding the rules on anonymity and data safety.”

Inger Helen Berge

IT consultant at Helse Vest

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