NTPC uses Corporater to quantify strategic objectives and drive efficiency.

NTPC drives efficiency with Corporater

Corporater Business Management Platform helps NTPC Ltd. quantify strategic objectives, drive efficiency, and improve reporting accuracy.

NTPC’s mission is to provide reliable power and related solutions in an economical, efficient and environment friendly manner, driven by innovation and agility.

NTPC is India’s largest energy conglomerate, ranked No. 2 Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company rankings. The company is committed to generating reliable power at competitive prices in a sustainable manner by optimizing the use of multiple energy sources with innovative eco-friendly technologies thereby contributing to the economic development of the nation and upliftment of the society.

“On a single platform, you have got performance management, dashboards, analytics, legal compliance, review meeting and collaboration.”

Manoj Dubey, Additional General Manager | NTPC Ltd

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is India’s largest power utility with an installed capacity of 62,110 MW (including JVs). NTPC aims to be the world’s largest and the best power major.


Energy & Utilities

Customer Statistics

India’s Largest Energy Conglomerate

15.5% of total national capacity

22.3% of national power generation

55 power stations

19,776+ employees

1975 incorporated

2010 awarded Maharatna status

Solutions Used

Performance Management


NTPC needed a tool that would help them to streamline internal processes, teams and individuals and align them with the organizational level goals. Previously, information was in silos and there was no accurate way of presenting a single version of truth. Management reporting required substantial time and effort to be spent in connecting the disparate sources of information. The organization also needed a single platform that provided the ability to track and improve performance measures.

NTPC wanted to improve the efficiency of the Operations Review Team (ORT) meeting, which managed the activities and functions of various teams, but lacked a consistent view of performance across the line of reporting. The primary goal of the ORT management framework is to assess the effectiveness of internal operating processes and procedures contained in the service-level agreement (SLA). ORT also validates how operations staff members have documented day-to-day activities and tasks, thus ensuring that the key operational knowledge remains current and accessible to all members of the operations staff.


Corporater helps NTPC in capturing relevant parameters in a scorecard view for timely and informed decision-making. The Corporater ORT management framework effectively handles processes involved in collecting exceptions from various stations, reporting escalations, and identifying problem areas, and automates dashboard views for decision-making.

Corporater Business Management Platform at NTPC Ltd

Corporater has enabled NTPC in translating strategy into a performance framework, reporting related parameters and other key indicators in a scorecard view. The Corporater solution contains inter-related role specific scorecards and a means for effective strategic initiative conception and implementation.

In organizations as large and significant as NTPC, data resides in diverse systems making it harder for users to identify and report exceptions. This requires lengthy and effort intensive processes for collecting exceptions from various stations, reporting escalations, identifying problem areas, and supporting multiple reporting formats. While the process for formulation, communication and compliance to recommendations is fragmented and time-consuming, Corporater ORT management framework has successfully handled this process for effective decision support for the top management, and for stations.

Corporater has helped NTPC to manage exceptions and escalations, and to cascade initiatives and tasks top down or bottom up. Further, it helps in survey data analysis and links them to specific parameters.

The Corporater solution has facilitated tracking of critical processes, provided pro-active support for ensuring legal compliance and has helped achieve event-based/conditional reporting.

With Corporater, NTPC has been able to derive business insights out of voluminous data and produce on-demand reports, conditional alerts as well as perform data analysis.

“Corporater has good navigation features and is easy to use. It enables communication and alignment among teams within the company. I really like how easy it is to use.”

Umesh Pareek, AGM Business Excellence | NTPC Ltd.


The implementation of Corporater at NTPC led to:

  • Increased Productivity

    Using Corporater, NTPC was able to increase productivity as well as save time and effort. The Corporater software has helped to ensure that limited resources would be distributed to the highest-priority areas.

  • Efficient Strategy Management

    The software further helps to quantify strategic objectives; manage initiatives and present data to help execute on strategy based on management priorities linked to vision and mission.

  • Improved Reporting Efficiency and Accuracy

    Corporater has reduced reporting time and improved accuracy of the reports. The workflow management of the ORT meeting has greatly reduced the time taken to track, report and close issues requiring attention of the managers at the functional level as well as in the escalation of long pending issues to the top level. This has led to improvement in ORT effectiveness and value addition to the operations management at the unit level.

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