Achieving business outcomes requires more than analytics- it requires an execution framework. Corporater Business Management Platform provides business apps to plan for and execute your business outcomes. Our platform provides the complete story and better clarity, through easy organization and navigation through reporting periods. Users receive business driven clarity and purpose as they make their data driven decisions.

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KPIs are more than just numbers

At Corporater, KPIs are more than just numbers. They tell a story. We place analytics within a business context, so it has more meaning.

What does this mean? Rather than offering a flat set of reports, Corporater provides the context of the reporting period, the business unit, and other business information, such as the project, goal, or objective that the data is related to.

We also help users communicate the story contained in the data, by adding comments, evaluations, assessments, where they can easily be reused in reports.

Setting insights into actions

Most BI and analytics tools only take you so far– to insights. Corporater takes you much further by providing planning, so you can chart your course towards achieving business outcomes. Your business analysts can explore your data, and provide their assessment or recommendations.

Corporater offers this on a single platform. This means your supporting data, your data insights, the decision process, and the plans are all available on a single interface, where they can be easily managed. You can assign accountability to know how and why you arrived at your conclusions, as well as to map responsibility for setting the plan into action.

Automated streamlined reporting

Not only do we help you identify what to do, we help get things done. Once your plans are in action, you can easily monitor their progress through activity dashboards, automated workflow, and management review meetings.

Our business agile approach means you can easily re-evaluate your plans, reprioritize, and adjust to dynamic business conditions. As your plans change, you have the full history of their evolution. Best of all, it is all available on one platform, making reporting an automated, streamlined process.

Beyond insights

The Corporater Business Management Platform places insights gained from data and analytics into your business execution processes to drive business outcomes. Whether you embed third party or Corporater analytics apps, insights can be transformed into outcomes. The Corporater platform transforms standalone analytics into an integrated management process.

Business intelligence contextualized

Analytics crosses all aspects of managing business. Targets, forecasts, budgets, and objectives all require analysis if they are more than best guesses. Performance reviews and management meetings require analytics to identify root causes of problems, identify priorities, and to develop improvement initiatives. The Corporater platform provides end-to-end contextualization of your data so it can be analyzed effectively.

Business in control

The Corporater Business Management Platform allows business users to create business apps. It offers pre-built navigation, period selection, and business context so that you spend less time configuring, and more time analyzing.

Build your own solution

Build a solution to meet all of your BI and analytics needs. Corporater provides 250 ready-made business objects that are configurable to reflect the way you manage your business.

  • Visual analytics
  • Interactive benchmarking
  • Data drill-down
  • Pivot tables
  • Spreadsheet reporting


“We wanted to visualize and capture deviations by automating our reporting process than spending a lot of time and effort on manually creating reports.”

Judy Wignell

Manager Business Performance, Western Water, Australia

“Thanks to Corporater BMP we now have a clear line of sight between KPI’s and action plans with detailed drill-downs that have enabled effective reviews and decision making.”

Suchiro Chakraborty

Deputy Manager & EO to COO at TSPDL

"Corporater Business Management Platform has offered both detailed and overall performance in terms of our operational and finance KPIs, while at the same time allowing for analysis and commenting"

Peter Arne Hansen

Head of Performance Management, Seadrill

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