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Investment Portfolio Management Software

The Investment Portfolio Management software powered by the Corporater Business Management Platform, is a management solution for institutional investment management firms, to consolidate critical performance information of the funds they manage.

It is pegged as an information collection and dissemination platform that enables effective management and regulatory reporting, besides addressing specific needs of different stakeholders, namely, portfolio companies, investors, and back office.

An enterprise class solution, it can wrap up transactional data available in existing fund management software tools or spreadsheets, using its power ETL integration engine, and present summary information for senior management consumption.

Corporater Investment Portfolio Management Software:

  • Key metrics consolidated by Portfolio & Investor
  • Performance highlights at the top level
  • Portfolio Dashboard
    • Firm & Fund level performance through industry standard metrics with historical trending
    • Portfolio breakdown by Industry, Geography
    • Schedule of Investments
    • IRR Benchmark by Portfolio and Security Type
    • Key Initiatives, with the stream of action plans, accountabilities, and their progress – cascaded and rolled-up to and from individual portfolio
    • Balance sheet – consolidated and individual portfolio
    • Consolidated financial results
  • Reports
    • Executive Summary
    • Portfolio Company Update
    • Portfolio Company Card compilations
  • Portfolio Company Update
    • Portfolio Company Card
    • Key Parameters
    • Financial Results
    • Investment Thesis/Expectations, Recent Events & Key Updates, Valuation Methodology, and Risk Assessment Updates from Portfolio Managers
    • Investment Structure & Capitalization
    • Hassle free data upload at portfolio company level, using industry standard templates
  • Ideal for asset management companies, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and hedge funds

  • Business framework support
  • Advanced traffic light settings
  • Meeting support
  • Assessments
  • Approvals
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Automatic data collection
  • Manual data collection
  • Workflow for process support
  • Access control
  • No coding - only configuration
  • Agile, flexible configuration environment operated by business users

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Software Selection Tips


Portfolio Dashboard

Corporater Portfolio Dashboard is a watchtower for senior management to consume critical consolidated information, keeping away from the data nitty-gritties.

All core elements required to manage an effective portfolio performance are available in this solution out-of-the-box.

Portfolio Executive Summary

A picture tells a thousand words. Visual communication brings clarity and purpose to your portfolio performance.

Our visual designer is easy to use, and it lets you fully control the design and layout, including your company branding. Not only does it integrate and visualize data creatively, but it can communicate the status and progress of your portfolio in a succinct fashion.

Flexible Page Layouts

One of Corporater ’s critical differentiator is the flexibility it offers in laying out information based on who is seeing it and how much they want to see.

In this example, a tab in the portfolio dashboard combines Schedule of Investments, top ranking Portfolio by IRR, along with consolidated financial results and the key initiatives that the top level of the organization.

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Corporater Investment Management Portfolio Solution, offers the ability to integrate with transactional systems, pull data and consolidate at a given level of the organization.

In this example the consolidated balance sheet is showcased as a tab in the Portfolio Dashboard at the top level.

Portfolio Reporting

Corporater ‘s holistic business reporting takes portfolio reporting from mere compliance to telling a business story, by allowing the much needed flexibility to create a business layer to report portfolio data.

Corporater ‘s enterprise class integration capabilities with industry standard systems, makes it even more easier to generate reports, dashboards and visualizations, that tells much more than just report data.

Portfolio Company Update

The Corporater solution is a convenient and sustainable one in that it is easy to maintain information at a portfolio company level. Information is received in non-standard formats can be consolidated and presented in a standard template with little effort. This is a key pain point for investment management firms, that Corporater solution solves with just configuration without any need for coding or customization.

Portfolio Commentary, Updates and Recommendations

Corporater dashboards are much beyond just visualizing data creatively. You can create a collaborative environment in managing your portfolio – with stakeholder inputs on investment thesis, expectations, valuation methodologies used, risk assessments, and recommendations for a given portfolio. You can also access historical information by simply navigating the period on top.

Portfolio KPIs With Dynamic Targets

Dynamic targets are those that are active and changing. Rather than static, period based targets, dynamic targets respond to business change and are more practical and agile in managing KPIs. In this example, the target number for EBITDA is based on the top quartile average value of this KPI over the last 3 years. It is also possible to implement other such beyond budgeting principles in your organization using Corporater.

Portfolio KPIs With Detailed Analysis

Corporater provides the data details behind each KPI in your portfolio dashboard.
Each KPI page can display the trend, status, assessments, and initiatives. You can also drill into the data of the KPI to view the transaction or invoice
We provide insight at your fingertips.

Drill To Transaction

Corporater provides the data details behind each KPI in your portfolio dashboard.
Each KPI page can display the trend, status, assessments, and initiatives. You can also drill into the data of the KPI to view the transaction or invoice
We provide insight at your fingertips.


The Corporater Business Management Platform makes it possible for both large and small organizations to link strategy, KPIs, decisions and actions. The platform covers a wide range of needs, all from strategy execution, operations management, risk management or quality control. Sopra Steria is pleased to be an implementation partner and be working closely with Corporater.

Claus Klein-Ipsen

CEO, Sopra Steria Denmark

“Corporater BMP has been extremely user-friendly and has helped us achieve alignment and visibility across the organization. We now have a clear line of sight between KPIs and action plans with detailed drill-downs that have enabled effective reviews and decision making”.

Maria Mohammad Al Rais

Director Strategy and Planning Division, DED

“Conducting the survey and taking corrective action was a manual and time-consuming process, and we needed a tool that automated the entire process, yet abiding the rules on anonymity and data safety.”

Inger Helen Berge

IT consultant at Helse Vest

“We were in need of a comprehensive solution that would report both detailed and overall performance, in terms of operational and finance KPIs, while at the same time allowing for analysis and commenting, ensuring a continued improvement in results”

Peter Arne Hansen

Head of performance management, Seadrill Management Ltd.

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