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Corporater's KPI solution is unique in many ways. Our customers tell us that Corporater goes beyond measurement and analytics. The Corporater solution is an integrated part of how they run the business through measuring, managing and driving performance.

Corporater's KPI management solution has all the functionality that you can dream of. We have been specializing in KPIs for the last two decades, and we acknowledge that a KPI is more than just a number. It is a story that you tell, backed up with analytics, management and actions.

Corporater is listed in Gartner's Strategic Corporate Performance Management Magic Quadrant, and we are the only company in the Magic Quadrant that began as a KPI measurement solution.


Key Areas Supported

  • KPI management
  • KPI hierarchies
  • Value driver trees
  • KPIs embedded into various business framework (risk, strategy, portfolio management, etc.)
  • Drill down to analyze cause and effect
  • Drill to invoice
  • Actions and initiatives to drive performance
  • Built-in benchmarking and ranking
  • Advanced traffic light system with possibility to aggregate status
  • Dynamic target setting
  • KPI assessments and evaluations
  • Qualitative and quantitative KPIs
  • KPI reporting (MS Office formats)
  • KPI alerting and notifications
  • Supports the PDCA process (Plan, Do, Check, Act)

Key Features

  • Business framework support
  • Advanced traffic light settings
  • Meeting support
  • Assessments
  • Approvals
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Automatic data collection
  • Manual data collection
  • Workflow for process support
  • Access control
  • No coding  – only configuration
  • Agile, flexible configuration environment operated by business users

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Business Framework Support

Manage KPIs within a business framework. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act a.k.a Deming Circle) is used here to illustrate this capability. Corporater is a proven solution that can be leveraged to implement full scale KPI Management across your organization. It is easy to establish objectives and processes to implement and monitor execution of plans, assess deviations and do course corrections, in an iterative manner.

Financial Reporting

Corporater's holistic business reporting takes financial reporting from mere compliance to telling a business story, by allowing the much needed flexibility to create a business layer to report financial data. Corporater's enterprise class integration capabilities with industry standard systems, makes it even more easier to generate financial reports, dashboards and visualizations, that tells much more than just report data.


Corporater KPI solution has inbuilt capability to collect manual data. With a one-time set up of threshold data ranges, frequency, organizational levels, user permissions, you can automate the KPI data workflow necessary to get data for your KPIs from users. Data owners can be notified by email when their data is due for input, while data audit reports could be automatically generated to keep track of missing data.


Corporater provides the data details behind each KPI or dashboard. Each KPI page can display the trend, status, assessments, and initiatives. You can also drill into the data of the KPI to view the transaction or invoice. We provide insight at your fingertips


Corporater provides the data details behind each KPI or dashboard. Each KPI page can display the trend, status, assessments, and initiatives. You can also drill into the data of the KPI to view the transaction or invoice. We provide insight at your fingertips


Analyze your data within its business context to discover deeper insights. Remove the data-centric clutter that distracts users from their strategic direction. Get more out of your existing business intelligence and analytics tools by embedding them within Corporater.


The Corporater KPI solution offers the entire workflow from planning, set up, data integration, manual data entry, cascading, analysis, benchmarking, reporting, and much more. Welcome to the new realm of KPI management that truly meets your business needs.

Link KPIs with Initiatives

Link activities, initiatives, and projects to KPIs to address and close performance gaps. Provide decision support using underlying data. Continuously reassess how resources and performance improvement initiatives impact your intended targets, goals and objectives.

Add a Risk Dimension to your KPIs

Integrate your risk management activities. Assess and treat risk factors that can impact performance. Corporater provides a holistic platform to address all aspects of your company's performance.

Visualize KPIs using Value Driver Models

Visualize your KPIs graphically, using value driver models, to enable users to easily understand how their efforts build greater value and serve a higher purpose within your company. Corporater lets you provide clarity, purpose and context throughout your business.


To tell the whole business story, a dashboard should go beyond numbers. Corporater models your business framework to place your dashboard into its business context. Users clearly understand the meaning of the data, and the purpose of their analysis. Best of all, we provide a rich library of widgets you don't normally find in dashboards so you can share insights, take action, and achieve business outcomes.


A key functionality to drive strategy execution, is the ability to push for alignment within the organization. Corporater' s workflow engine enables alerts, notifications, and other automated workflows based on preset business logic. In this example, exceptions are showcased in a separate view with the option to select specific exceptions and trigger email notifications to the respective owners.


Dynamic targets are those that are active and changing. Rather than static, period based targets, dynamic targets respond to business change and are more practical and agile in managing KPIs. In this example, the target number for EBITDA is based on the top quartile average value of this KPI over the last 3 years. It is also possible to implement other such beyond budgeting principles in your organization using Corporater.


“As specialist consultants in The Senior Manager & Certification Regime, we believe Corporater has two key and necessary differentiators which help to address commonly experienced operational challenges when applying the regime: 1) the ability to ‘pull in’ and consolidate data from multiple systems across HR and Compliance, and; 2) a combination of business rules and the lack of a pre-defined data model, which enables the business to quickly adapt their solution to changes in staffing, organisational structure and regulation.”

Dan Ridler

BCS Consulting

“Corporater helps Compliance become an effective business partner, rather than an internal policeman. Their solution provides an essential combination of bespoke dashboards to monitor your responsibilities and the ability to capture the actions you take.”

Nick Jepson

Compliance expert, Mudbrick Limited

"The Business Management Platform is extremely flexible and easy to work with and are committed to continuously improving it. The web interface is very intuitive and requires very little training to learn to use."

Chris Kauffman

Director, Outcome Measurement, Pathfinder Inc.

"Corporater Business Management Platform has been extremely user-friendly and has helped us consolidate all the KPIs and our initiatives in one place, enabling effective reviews and quicker decision making.”

Judy Wignell

Manager Business Performance, Western Water, Australia

"Corporater Business Management Platform guides planning, strategy execution, and on-going analysis of performance at both the strategic, tactical and operational level. Corporater places control of enterprise performance management software in the hands of business users."

Adrian Blanck

Head of Business Transformation and Operational Excellence, Petro Rabigh

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