Balanced Scorecard Solution

Execute strategy and ensure strategic alignment effortlessly

Balanced Scorecard Solution

Enable organizations to drive strategy execution through all levels by adopting a balanced scorecard approach to performance management. Place strategy at the heart of enterprise performance management, track and manage performance metrics across multiple perspectives for the enterprise at large as well as at the individual and project levels, using a web-based user interface.

Align corporate, business units, support units, external partners, and boards with strategy. Integrate strategy into the planning, budgeting, management reviews, and reporting processes and build transparency within your organization by sharing performance results across the organization.


Promote a culture of performance : Drive the overall management process by guiding planning, strategy execution, and on-going analysis of performance at both strategic and tactical levels.

Promote strategic alignment : Align all of your business units and processes, and effectively manage performance metrics, initiatives, risks, resources, and competencies.

Translate your strategy into action : Corporater EPM platform helps you clearly define your business strategy by breaking it down into easily understandable and measureable elements such as perspectives, strategic objectives, and KPIs. Each metric can be presented on its own page to display detailed tables and graphs showing trends, historical information, and underlying data.

Budget Benchmarking & Unified Reporting : Allocate budgets quicker based on information on several parameters at the activity level, product or services level like billable hours, production hours, total expenses, forecasted revenue and other key drivers from a single pane of glass.

Reduced risk : Integrate information from multiple sources including accounting systems, ERP, CRM and more, offering better control to the budgeting process and eliminate the manual effort in collection and consolidation.

Multidimensional analysis : Benchmark actuals or existing budgets by department, company, project, account, etc. and unify close, reporting, and disclosure processes to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

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