Strategy Management

Achieve Company-wide Strategic Alignment

Corporater Strategy Management software enables senior management to outline targets, goals, and objectives, create strategic plans, and display corresponding corporate KPIs.
Strategy Management Software

Having a centralized place for strategic planning and execution is critical. Corporater Strategy Management solution is an enterprise-grade software that enables organizations to define and manage strategic objectives, execute strategic initiatives, track key metrics, and monitor the overall business strategy and progress towards meeting set goals. The solution comes pre-configured with industry best practice frameworks, templates, and functionalities needed for an effective strategic planning and execution.

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Corporater Business Management Platform
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Key Benefits

Visualize Your Corporate Strategy

Create strategy maps that organize objectives into four perspectives: finance, customer, business processes, and learning & growth.

Build C-level and Executive Dashboards

Provide your leadership with a big-picture overview. Connect your teams, plans, and goals with a single integrated tool.

Have an Execution Framework

Monitor how your business is progressing toward company goals and take action on underperforming metrics.

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GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective
Corporater - Delivering an Integrated view of G[P]RC to the Enterprise

Organizations choose Corporater as they seek a single agile and integrated architecture to automate a range of GRC, performance management, and other business processes. Typical use cases for Corporater span the GRC space, and the solution is highly configurable for an organization to build its own business process/management solutions.

GRC 2020 Solution Perspective Corporater 2024

Key Capabilities

Strategic Planning

Create and share strategic plans across all levels of your organization. Cascade strategy through your organization and align cross-functional teams to plans.

KPI and BI Dashboards

Create role-based dashboards to track strategic initiatives at all levels of your organization. Monitor your KPIs and execute your strategy.

Automated Reporting

Set up automated alerts for task assignments and KPIs that exceed defined thresholds. Automate the generation and distribution of your reports.

BSC Perspectives

Use strategy maps with business goals mapped in custom or BSC perspectives: financial, customer, internal processes, and learning and growth.

Scorecard Templates

Use scorecard templates to track different KPIs such as performance, sales, profit, revenue, quality, business continuity, innovations, IT, and more.

Business Review Meeting

Create agenda, send task reminders, run meetings, view results and drill into details, document decisions and plan the next course of action from the solution.

Strategy Management Software
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Connect teams, plans, and goals with a single integrated tool to achieve a company-wide alignment and drive business outcomes.

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