Operational Resilience with Confidence

Corporater Operational Resilience software helps operationalize the FCA/PRA’s policy through purpose-built functionality to meet the needs of firms and FMIs.
Purpose-Built Operational Resilience Software

Corporater’s Operational Resilience software solution offers out-of-the-box functionality that allows firms to prepare, detect, respond, recover, and adapt to the disruption of important business services. This software can also be used to manage regulations such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), DORA Regulation (EU), FRB (USA), FINMA (Switzerland), Cross-industry Guidance on Operational Resilience (Ireland) and more.

Demonstrate compliance with current financial services regulations and respond confidently to everchanging requirements with Corporater Operational Resilience Software.

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Key Benefits


Translation of the Building Operational Resilience PS21/3 five intervention steps to key solution design principles. The solution enables firms to better prioritise areas of strategic and operational importance.


Identify and map services, processes and resources. Set customer, firm and market impact tolerances. Define and test plausible disruption scenarios.


Connects to the wider IT ecosystem to enable the detection of resource vulnerabilities. Delivers holistic oversight of operational resilience.

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GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective
Corporater - Delivering an Integrated view of G[P]RC to the Enterprise

Organizations choose Corporater as they seek a single agile and integrated architecture to automate a range of GRC, performance management, and other business processes. Typical use cases for Corporater span the GRC space, and the solution is highly configurable for an organization to build its own business process/management solutions.

GRC 2020 Solution Perspective Corporater 2024

Key Capabilities

Prepare and Report

Identify important business services and set customer, firm, and market impact tolerances. Map processes and underlying resources to important business services. Provide aggregated dashboards and reports for service portfolios, services, and resources.

Detect, Assess and Test

Purpose-built rating method to determine the vulnerability and recoverability ratings for important business services, and underlying processes and resources. Identify and test plausible business scenarios that may lead to disruption. Define scenario scope and record test results and supporting evidence.

Respond, Recover and Adapt

Identify and monitor scenario mitigants: detect, respond, recover, adapt. Plan and execute service and/or resource-based initiatives to improve overall resilience. Define and test resource-based recovery plans. Determine and assign actions to responsible parties to address recovery plan deficiencies. Identify resource alternatives where recovery of a resource is not achievable within defined impact tolerances.

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Strengthen your operational resilience to protect your firm from the impact of unexpected events and operational disruptions.

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