Visualize KPIs and track progress towards goals

KPIs, Dashboards and Analytics in One Place

Corporater KPI Software measures and tracks an organization’s performance and progress towards its set goals and objectives.
KPI Software

Corporater KPI Software solution enables organizations to ensure strategy alignment, continuous performance improvement, and precise reporting. You may define custom KPIs and metrics, set goals and objectives, conduct reviews, analyze data insights, and generate comprehensive reports. All workflows can be customized and automated precisely per your organization’s requirements.


Measure business performance across different organizational levels, create and optimize KPIs over time, and keep everyone connected to the organization’s strategy. Using dynamic dashboards, easily navigate across business units and reporting periods. Whether you are measuring organizational performance, objectives, goals, risks, financial resources, projects, or plans, Corporater can enable you to deliver the full story.


  • Visualize KPIs and metrics as interactive charts and graphs
  • Identify trends, conduct KPI drill-downs
  • Display KPIs in a KPI hierarchy, value driver trees, or on strategy maps
  • Create single-team or cross-functional overviews
  • Control user access to selected dashboards with access control
  • Fully customizable, user-friendly, and intuitive to use

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Key Benefits

Link KPIs With Initiatives

Link activities, initiatives and projects to KPIs to close performance gaps. Provide decision support using underlying data.

Detailed Analysis

Drill into KPI details, create reports and measure all aspects of KPI metrics in one location.

Contextual Analytics

Analyze your data within its business context to discover deeper insights.

Key Features


We provide a rich library to build your dashboards enabling you to share insights, take action and achieve business outcomes.


Drilldown to the lowest level of details and set up improvement projects to address problem areas.


Corporater’s workflow engine provides alerts, notifications and other automated actions based on your business rules.


Corporater provides the ability to assess and treat the risk factors that can impact performance.