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Corporater G(P)RC software is highly configurable and enables financial services institutions to meet their specific GRC needs today and in the future, while at the same time integrating performance objectives.
Govern, manage and assure your performance, risk and compliance

Corporater delivers integrated solutions for Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance (GPRC) developed specifically for financial services institutions.

Financial services institutions are faced with fundamental challenges regarding their role and purpose. Specifically, the evolving risk landscape in combination with the increasing deployment of technology and scarce resources drives the need for transforming the way GRC activities are conducted. Stakeholders increasingly expect GRC activities to be aligned with business performance and strategy execution, and provide continuous monitoring capabilities and customized, actionable insights.

Corporater helps financial services institutions to create a systematic, integrated G(P)RC program to govern, manage, and assure performance, risk, and compliance, while fully meeting expectations prescribed by various regional and national guidelines, principles, and/ or legislations.

Ready to go solutions
Corporater’s purpose-built solutions are pre-configured with industry best practice frameworks, processes, and workflows for managing risk, compliance, policies, standards, audits, and more.

Eliminate silos and drive business outcomes
Improve efficiency by connecting your entire organization – teams, departments, business units, facilities, regions, etc. using technology that goes beyond just ‘collect data’.

Enable multiple assurance layers
Financial regulators expect proper governance, monitoring, and (indirectly) automation of your GPRC domains. Our single platform will enable multiple assurance layers helping you to meet the increased regulatory requirements.

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Daniël Smidts

Director – GPRC for Financial Services Institutions

20+ years experience advising financial services institutions on the implementation of risk (tech), control measures and regulatory transformation.

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