Integrated Compliance Management

Can you afford the consequences of non-compliance?

Corporater Compliance Management software is a solution that provides continuous insight into the status of an organization’s compliance framework and controls. As a unified solution, customers have full visibility into all compliance processes. Compliance offers workflow and automation to alert users to compliance activities in need of attention. As a highly flexible solution, it can be used to manage a wide variety of compliance frameworks, including banking, product management, academic accreditation, finance, and others.

Alert the changes in requirements

Evaluate and measure organizational compliance

Perform risk assessment on compliance requirements

Enhance compliance through initiatives

Alert training requirements

Corporate and government reporting

Enhance the performance of your organization by empowering your organization with a unified approach that integrates all your compliance processes and links it back to the organization strategy.

Our Customers

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Corporater Compliance Management Software

What is your risk profile?

What risks and compliance requirements affect your company?

The Corporater Business Management Platform helps you establish a central library of risk or compliance items.  We can even integrate with external libraries, such as legal databases.

Using our GRC workflow tools, map risks to employees or business units and visualize the evolution of your risks over time– as well as the risk reduction plans or compliance controls you have in place.

Reduce your risk

Creating awareness and monitoring your risks is not enough. Businesses need plans to reduce risks and to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.  Tune your plans to fit your level of acceptance and cost.

Whether your risks are internally or externally defined,  we help you manage risk by automating notifications, alerts and workflow.  Drill into risk dashboards to identify problem areas, and take proactive control.

Take control of your risk profile

Manage your risk and compliance activities directly within their business context.  Corporater provides easy to use risk dashboards that can aggregate or escalate risk to provide the transparency management needs.

Monitor the effectiveness of your risk mitigation plans and compliance controls.

Start saving time by automating your risk reporting system– with notifications and alerts.

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