Compliance Management Software

Protect your Organization
from the Risk of

Centralize and automate all work processes relevant to the management of regulatory and organizational compliance requirements.
Compliance Management Software

Empower your compliance team to proactively mitigate risk.

Corporater Compliance Management software is a solution that provides continuous insight into the status of an organization’s compliance framework and controls. Corporater provides an integrated platform for Risk & Compliance Management enabling a shift from a compliance-driven focus to a risk-driven approach – aligned with business performance and strategy execution.

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Key Benefits

Integrated Management Software

Corporater functions as an integrated management system that allows for workflows and processes to run seamlessly.

Identify Emerging Risks and Opportunities

Take action quickly and confidently by linking data from multiple sources into custom dashboards.

Comply with Standards and Regulations

Demonstrate compliance to regulators and key stakeholders with a single integrated tool.

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GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective
Corporater - Delivering an Integrated view of G[P]RC to the Enterprise

Organizations choose Corporater as they seek a single agile and integrated architecture to automate a range of GRC, performance management, and other business processes. Typical use cases for Corporater span the GRC space, and the solution is highly configurable for an organization to build its own business process/management solutions.

GRC 2020 Solution Perspective Corporater 2024

Key Capabilities

Compliance Oversight

Create custom compliance dashboards to have a complete overview of your compliance status, initiatives, and activities.

Manage Compliance Risk

Proactively identify, assess, address, and report compliance risks across your organization.

Internal Management System

Digitize the internal management system for organizational/ voluntary compliance frameworks and standards like ISO.

Automated Workflows

Set up automated workflows to streamline operations and ensure adherence to your processes.

Compliance Reports

Generate compliance reports and submit them through review/approval process. Include visual elements such as charts and graphs.

Business Review Meeting

Create agenda, send task reminders, run meetings, view results and drill into details, document decisions and plan the next course of action from the solution.

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Protect your organization from the risk of non-compliance, enhance corporate integrity, and achieve a holistic oversight of organizational and regulatory compliance.

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