Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard Software

Turn Vague Strategies Into Clear And Objective Performance Measures
Balanced Scorecard Software

Corporater Balanced Scorecard is a software solution that supports customers in executing their strategy. It provides everything related to the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) out-of-the-box, including strategy maps, perspectives, strategic objectives, KPIs, strategic initiatives, visualization tools, data integration, and workflow.


Corporater offers all of this on a single platform so you can manage at all levels of your organization, including the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. With Corporater, scorecards and KPIs are more than just data. They tell the complete story of your journey as you execute your strategy.


Our balanced scorecard solution helps you reach your strategic destination by giving your workforce a roadmap for delivering business outcomes. We help you visualize plans and initiatives, break the departmental silos and integrate by linking strategic goals, metrics and foster accountability. Our map designer is easy to use, and it lets you fully control the map design and layout, including your company branding. Not only does it communicate strategy, but it can communicate the status and progress of your journey toward strategy execution. Strategic initiatives can be viewed as projects with tasks, sub-tasks, progress, start and end dates, and responsibilities.


Also, available on the cloud, you gain a head start with templates that greatly accelerate implementation.

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Key Benefits

Cascade and Align Scorecards

Create and cascade balanced scorecards with ease to all business units and make fact-based decisions that drive business impact.

Performance Reporting

Build detailed report-views or dashboard-views of KPIs, objectives and initiatives. Leverage the extensive reporting capabilities made for business users.

Integrate with other Disciplines

Integrate BSC with other management frameworks such as risk, projects, compliance, quality, etc.

Key Features


Add tasks and initiatives to your scorecards – and track and monitor their progress. Go beyond analyzing data, by adding planning and execution, to achieve business outcomes.


Corporater provides detailed data behind each KPI or dashboard. Display the trend, status, history and assessments of your KPIs and drill into the source data to view transactions or invoices.


A picture tells a thousand words. Visual communication brings clarity and purpose to your strategy. Show your strategic destination using strategy maps.


Invite participants, create and send out agenda, remind users to complete their tasks before the meeting, run your meeting in the solution, view results and drill into details, document decisions and plan the next course of action.