Balanced Scorecard Software

Automate Your Balanced Scorecard

Have all components needed for an efficient Balanced Scorecard management, including strategy maps, perspectives, objectives, KPIs, and analytics, out-of-the-box.
Balanced Scorecard Software

Corporater Balanced Scorecard is a software solution that supports customers in translating strategic goals into organizational performance objectives. It enables you to automate your Balanced Scorecard, track and manage performance metrics across your organization, and use strategy maps to communicate strategic goals and objectives. You can link strategic objectives with initiatives, monitor and manage performance of initiatives, and drive a culture of continuous performance improvement.

Define KPIs, monitor their status, and take action on underperforming metrics. Achieve a company-wide strategic alignment and monitor how your business is progressing towards reaching company goals on strategy dashboards.


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Key Benefits

Cascade and Align Scorecards

Create and cascade balanced scorecards with ease to all business units and make fact-based decisions that drive business impact.

Performance Reporting

Build detailed report-views or dashboard-views of KPIs, objectives and initiatives. Generate performance reports in a variety of popular formats including PPT, Word, and Excel.

Integrate with other Disciplines

Integrate BSC with other management frameworks such as risk, projects, compliance, quality, etc.

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Key Capabilities

KPI and BI Dashboards

Create role-based dashboards to track strategic initiatives at all levels of your organization. Monitor your KPIs and execute your strategy.

BSC Perspectives

Use strategy maps with business goals mapped in custom or BSC perspectives: financial, customer, internal processes, and learning and growth.

Strategic Planning

Align the day-to-day work that everyone is doing with your corporate strategy. Prioritize projects, tasks, and initiatives.

Workflow Management

Automate your business processes, assign tasks, conduct assessments, schedule meetings, provide approvals, and set up custom alerts and notifications.

Strategy Map

Identify and prioritize key strategy goals and objectives for your company. Visualize them on strategy maps to show your strategic destination.

Business Review Meeting

Set up meeting invites, create agenda, send task reminders, run meetings, view results and details, document decisions, and plan the next course of action.

Balanced scorecard software
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Bring structure to your strategy, achieve company-wide alignment, and turn your strategic plans into action.

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