Civil Service Bureau (CSB) uses Corporater to align government strategy with the Bahrain 2030 Vision.

Civil Service Bureau (CSB) Uses Corporater to Align Government Strategy With the Bahrain 2030 Vision.

Corporater helps Civil Service Bureau (CSB) align the government strategy (Takamul) with the Bahrain 2030 Vision and the government work program.

CSB is responsible for managing the Human Resources (HR), setting policies and procedures, service and operation improvements and managing payroll for the staff of all ministries in the Kingdom. Also, the Civil Service Bureau shapes and develops the data management and information technology system used for human resource management.

CSB mainly specializes in:

  • Setting Public Administration policies and procedures
  • Managing Human Resources activities
  • Process reengineering and service improvement

“Corporater was selected basically because they are one of the leaders in this field. Secondly, that really drew our attention was the ease of the use of the system. When we had to check the screens it was fantastic, amazing and had all the data needed and everything was clear.”

Mohammed Hasan Abdulla Al-Awadhi, Performance Management Director | Civil Service Bureau

The Civil Service Bureau (CSB) is an independent government entity under the jurisdiction of the Civil Service Council of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established in 1975 with the mission of supervising human resources in all government entities and seeks to develop the level of the civil service by raising production efficiency and ensures adherence to civil service policy.



Customer Statistics

14 directorates

54 government Entities

200+ employees

50000+ civil servant employees

420+ users


Some entities in the government organizations of Bahrain had its own strategy while others did not, and it was necessary to make sure all the entities had their individual strategies, and that they were all working towards the same vision. Recognizing this need, the Cabinet entrusted the Civil Service Council with the mission of establishing an overall strategy for the government, suiting the current situation with emphasis on raising the efficiency and effectiveness in the government.

The Civil service Bureau took on its shoulder the responsibility of executing this task for the Civil Service Council and translating the cabinet direction into a reality and implemented system. The CSB was entrusted with this task and in order to track organizational performance or ‘Takamul’ (integration/collaboration), the CSB wanted to make sure that all the entities were targeting the same vision, speaking the same language and terminology, and using the same methodology.

They used the Balanced Scorecard methodology at the government level as well as in all the entities. The CSB had already seen some entities going through this process without having any software to track and manage their progress and fail; and realized that the support of technology is critical for the success of this project. A major challenge that CSB faced was having a system which could handle lots of data, cascade and link strategies of the entities, and enable collective effort towards the one main strategy at the government level.


The Civil Service Bureau wanted a state-of-the-art performance management system which is integrated, easy and user-friendly. After their selection process, they decided to go with the Corporater system because of its user-friendly interface, regional presence and being one of the top software in the balanced scorecard field. They wanted to cascade the corporate strategy of the government of Bahrain to the sectoral and ministry levels and eventually to the individual levels at a later stage, and link it to the employee’s performance management system “ADDA”. Their main target was to implement a system that would help each entity to support each other to achieve the government vision. Using Corporater, CSB also wanted to monitor, update, review and link all the entities’ performance to the overall corporate performance.

Corporater Business Management Platform at the Civil Service Bureau

Corporater provides CSB a solid technology that is integrated, and that can handle the performance management process which involves vision, mission, objectives, reviews, KPIs, initiatives, etc. The Corporater performance management software is enabling the Civil Service Bureau to make sure that all the entities are able to collaborate among themselves, targeting the corporate vision that was aligned with Bahrain 2030 Vision and the government work programs.

Using Corporater, they are now able to visualize the overall government vision and make sure that the individual entities as well as their performances are aligned towards the overall corporate strategy. Corporater has made internal communication easier and more effective. The business dashboards help visualizing the critical key performance indicators as well the overall performance of the corporate strategy in a quick glance, helping decision makers of the Bahrain government to make confident, factored decisions based on the data projected from all the entities.

In addition to this, the Corporater team has provided constant support and has taken CSB’s requirements into consideration and has been working with the CSB team as a single unit.


The implementation of Corporater at Civil Service Bureau (CSB) led to:

  • Better Decision-making

    The Corporater software enables CSB to provide the leaders of the government including the Prime Minister office, Deputy Prime Minister office, Civil Service council, Ministers, directors, and Chiefs an overview of the current as well as the status of the critical KPIs at a glance, for better decision-making.

  • Improved Communication

    With Corporater, the overall communication from the top to the individual levels is improved. Decision makers can monitor the performance of each individual or entity and is able to take immediate action in case of a red flag, by emailing the responsible person from within the Corporater system.

  • More Efficient Performance Monitoring and Management

    Corporater provides a common platform that is easy-to-use for end users to view status, as well to update details of specific objectives and initiatives. Each initiative owner is now able to apprise the changes in status regularly into the system, while the management is using the same system to monitor how well they are progressing towards the overall strategy.

  • Clear Strategy Visualization

    Using Corporater, the Civil Service Bureau on behalf of the Civil Service Council is now able to easily visualize and analyze performance data across all entities of the government. The platform lets CSB to add scorecards and strategy maps as well as keeps data current, and make the required changes and modifications on behalf of the entities, as requested.

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