Mar 27 - Mar 29, 2016 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Strategic Planning, Execution, Performance and Change Management are critical elements to the success of any organization, be it a public or a private.

Join us at the Strategy Execution, Performance and Change Management workshop and master the strategy execution, performance & change management techniques to transform vision to high levels of performance and growth.Organizations that follow these proven management practices consistently deliver well and outperform their competitors.

Gain an insight into:

    • Achieving Excellence in Strategy Execution, Performance & Change Management
    • Establishing a Culture of Excellence through Performance Measurement and Leadership
    • Cultivating Innovation in Your Organization Culture to Strengthen Competitive edge
    • Integrating Risk Management into your Strategy Formulation and Change Management
    • Transforming Organizational Vision into High levels of Performance & Growth
    • Identifying and Addressing the Resistance to Change via Proven Tools & Techniques
    • Assessing the organization’s Performance Management Maturity
    • Developing the Most Effective KPI’s for Strategy Success
    • Monitoring Changes in KPIs to Ensure Organizational Performance is on the Right Track

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