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The two management types you do not want to hire

I have met a lot of managers during my time in business. I have also employed many managers. Some are very successful and get the best out of their employees. I have wondered what makes some successful and what makes some not that successful.

One of the traits I have observed is that the “control monsters” have less success. There are two main categories of the control freaks that I have noticed during my 25 years in business.
The “lack of trust” control freaks. These managers tend to lack general trust in the employees, and they do not inspire employees or let creativity flow. Often these managers are very skilled but their cleverness hinders the company from prospering.
The “insecure” control freaks. These people are really a challenge to work for. These managers have low competence/ skills and the best way to hide their incompetence is to put up a rigid system of control and silence. They are political in nature and are very cautious about what information they release and what they keep for themselves.
Look out for these people next time you hire managers. They can ruin your company

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