The Performance Management Conference In Romania 2018

Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2018 | Bucharest, Romania

Meet Corporater at the 8th edition of the Performance Management Conference in Romania. This conference mainly aims to highlight the best practices in performance management and the exchange of experience among the most renowned practitioners in the field.

Top and middle management professionals from diverse functional areas, from human resources to strategy and planning, from production to management will be participating in the event.

Explore your most pressing challenges on topics such as:

  • Performance management process
  • Integrating the engagement concept into performance management
  • Automation of performance management systems
  • Improving performance at organizational, departmental, and individual levels

Watch Corporater at the main stage

corporater raluca gheorghe

Topic: Performance as a puzzle game

Is implementing performance management a puzzle for you? How to successfully improve your organizational performance using the performance management process? These questions will be answered by Corporater Romania’s presales and consultant manager, Raluca Gheorghe.
Corporater Romania is involved in projects aimed at medium and large companies in order to continually improve the evaluation and management of business performance by adapting its business platform to the unique organizational models of its clients.

Visit Corporater at the Performance Management Conference 2018

Corporater is a strategic partner of the event and our team will be on the exhibition floor, showcasing the extensive capabilities of the Corporater Business Management PlatformTM.  Visit us to discover this comprehensive approach to management information, delivered on a single platform.


Hotel Intercontinental Bucharest

Nicolae Bălcescu 4 Boulevard, Bucharest

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