Strategy Execution & Innovation Forum 2018

Apr 30 - May 01, 2018 | Dubai, UAE

Corporater is proud to return as the Software Partner for the Strategy Execution and Innovation Forum 2018.

The conference will address the impact of innovation to business strategy and discuss what is the monetization model for the organization of the future. It will help leaders build the skill-set needed to improve performance and drive strategy to achieve organizational ROI and get one step closer to UAE’s Vision 2021 National Agenda goals.

What you will get

    • Guru Keynotes

Two headlining gurus – Magnus Lindkvist and Jeff Sampler – will deliver insights on how to prepare for the future, spot trends and make planning relevant in a world constantly changing.

    • Strategic Sessions & Case Studies

Regional and international case studies will inspire and guide your organization to achieving strategic excellence

Watch Corporater at the main stage

Presentation Info:

Date: May 1, 2018 | Time: 10:40 – 11:10

Topic title: How can you Digitalise Business Management and execute company Strategy?

A dive into the role technology plays in digital transformation and strategy execution, and the search for an all-inclusive IT platform for managing a Business.

Tor Inge CEO of Corporater

Tor Inge Vasshus

CEO of Corporater

What to expect:

  • How to execute and the benefit of execution
  • Three generations of technology platforms
  • Business Management Platform
  • The role of Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • The formula for Business Outcome
  • Best practices and demo

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Visit the Corporater team on the exhibition floor, where we will be showcasing the extensive capabilities of the Corporater Business Management Platform. Discover how you can create a business management solution that fits your need.

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