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Strategic Communication

We all know from our own marriages how difficult communication can be! There are structural differences in the male and female brains, which make us misunderstand messages.

I once heard a story about how difficult communication can be between two countries. This story is from 1979 and is about the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. If today, you ask an Egyptian if they are at “peace” with Israel, they would claim “yes”. The word peace for an Egyptian means “we will not harm our neighbors”.
If you turn to an Israelite and ask if Israel has achieved “peace” with Egypt, he would most probably say “no”. The reason for this is that the word “peace” (shalom) for an Israelite means more than not harming/fighting with your neighbor. It encompasses qualities like brotherhood, love, and joy. So this warm, loving friendship is contained in the word “peace” for an Israelite.
So words have different meanings based on language, history, background, education and so on. I see the same when I challenge businesses. When I challenge statements like “we should be the best in banking”, different individuals put different meanings to this. What is “best”? What do we mean by “banking”? Do we mean “the best”, or just among the best? Should we be the best in all areas of banking, or just in certain areas? I think it is important to do this kind of exercise and clarify our strategic communication.
If you are not sure what is meant by your company’s strategy – please ask for clarification. If you are a manager – you can never over communicate strategy.

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