strategy execution

Rhythm of business

I don’t know what type of business you are in but from a strategy execution methodology perspective, it matters. When I read management literature I find good generic models for forming and executing strategy. And, they all apply the same way for every type of businesses. Whether you are a convenient store or you are a software company.

We all know that the speed of business and the speed of change have affected many businesses dramatically. Markets, products, inventions are continuously changing for most businesses at a rapid pace. For some others, the markets, products and inventions are changing at a slower speed. I call this phenomenon, “The rhythm of business”. Today, I have a simple question to the management thinkers. When are we going to have strategy formation and strategy execution models that take into account “The rhythm of business”? Right now, some businesses are dancing to a slow reggae while others are dancing to speed metal!
I know my business (software) is dancing to speed metal.

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