Visualize risk across enterprise, customize risk views based on roles with risk management software

Corporater Risk is a software solution that organizations use to assess risks and monitor the effectiveness of risk reduction activities. Risks are visualized within their business context, and can be linked to business units, projects, goals, or processes.

Risk Management Software

  • Empower your stakeholders by incorporating an integrated risk management system and enhance decision-making
  • Track all your risks in real-time and route them through a systematic process of analysis and remediation
  • Share corrective actions across your organization, giving them key insights into your risk data and trends
  • Identify and assess opportunities that offer better risk-returns
  • Create pixel-perfect risk reports
  • Adapt to changing business needs with custom models, analysis and reports

As a highly flexible solution, it can be used with a variety of frameworks, such as COSO or ISO risk frameworks.

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