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Performance Management System – For Reward or Punishment?

Many companies are using their performance management system to control and punish people/ divisions which do not meet their set targets.

Seldom do I hear about celebrating good results. Sales people are probably the ones who get to celebrate for they are likely to have a “gong gong” arrangement to announce when they have won a new contract. But why are we not implementing a more positive approach of defining “celebration rules” as a part of the company’s performance management system? You should go ahead and define which events or what results entitle to an official celebration.

I know for sure how much recognition means to me and others and celebration is a way to award recognition. Let your performance management system contain the celebration rules.

One example of how such a rule could be set up is like this:
If target is achieved —> send an email to the local baker and order a cake for delivery —> send out invitations to people responsible for the achievement of the target

We need to start focusing more on partying, celebrating & recognizing, because I think this is what drives performance. Recognizing facilitates a positive performance culture.

Good luck – and remember too much cake is not healthy!

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