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New Management Messiah

The Balanced Scorecard has been evolving since it was first mentioned by Art Schneiderman in 1987. Kaplan and Norton branded it and made it known to the world. They further developed it from a measurement system in to a management system, and connected strategy to the theory. Balanced Scorecard is still a widely popular concept around the world and new thoughts are evolving the theory.

As with any other theory, one day there will be a paradigm shift. The old beliefs will fall and new and better theories will arise. My question is “has the time come already”? When a new guru appears and introduces a new management theory that takes over the position the Balanced Scorecard has today?
The strength with the Balanced Scorecard is in the ease of communication around the words “Balanced Scorecard”. The words cover much of the theory.

If you are thinking of becoming a new guru and of introducing a new and better theory, I would like to give you the ingredients for success:

    • Link up to Academia (well reputed business schools)
    • Build your own CV
    • Develop superb presentation skills
    • Turn on your charisma
    • Write business books (with a portion of your knowledge, do not write all at once)
    • Money and fame should propel you to move forward
    • Find industry players (Software, management consultants, and event organizers) to take you around the world so that you can evangelize your new theory. (the good thing with this is that they pay for you spreading the word, and it is well paid too)
    • Find some high profile company that can be your practical evidence that the new theory is right
    • Get articles published in the Harvard Business Review
    • Work with the leading business schools to get your word across to the new students
    • Find a unique name for the new theory

If your new theory cannot be told as an “elevator speech” (max 10 seconds) – forget it

If anyone sees the new “Management Messiah” – please send me an email. I would like to get in touch with him/her.

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