meeting culture

Meeting culture

Meetings are a part of our daily life in corporations, but have you been questioning the value of meetings? Some love meetings, others hate meetings. I came across some interesting statistics that I want to share with you.

  • 55% of all meetings are dominated by one or two persons
  • 32% of employees think that they can get sacked if they tell the truth in meetings
  • 39% of decisions made are taken after the meeting is over
  • 80% of discussions in meetings are about issues that people already agree upon
How can we avoid this?
  • The organizer of the meeting should make more people talk – not just one or two
  • Create a culture of openness
  • Have decision points in the meeting – and not leave it to until after the meeting, to decide
  • Cut through and ask “Do we all agree on this? If so – we don’t have to debate this anymore”.
  • Clarify the objective of the meeting. Is it for making decisions? Is it for informing people?
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