Performance management

Managing performance is managing people

Many managers appear to believe that the right way to manage a company is to put a lot of control mechanisms in place. This thinking is driven by the idea that all people are lazy and need to be closely managed. Balanced Scorecard can also be implemented as a system of control and follow up. In Western countries I have observed that this often leads to the failure of BSC projects.

A control system that is forced upon employees where some kind of “punishment” is given if results are not achieved will lead to de-motivation, discouragement, and low involvement of your employees. Often they might feel like the puppet in the cartoon – that they have no real influence over the situation.  You will not get the best out of your employees.

So my appeal to all of you “control freaks” out there – release the ropes and let your employees be involved in managing and executing strategy in your company.


Tor Inge Vasshus

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