Feb 19 - Feb 22, 2017 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Join Corporater at the Kaplan-Norton BSC Certification Boot Camp.

The four-day Certification Boot Camp provides a deep dive into Palladium’s Execution Premium Process™ (XPP™), based on the Kaplan-Norton strategy execution approach, arming you with the necessary skills, tools and foundations needed to clarify the strategy, drive performance, and optimize data for better decision-making.

The training is distinct for it is delivered by the best and the most experienced international trainers.

This Camp is one of the most comprehensive, extensive and authentic representation of the Balanced Scorecard strategy framework that supports thousands of organizations around the globe.

Corporater @ Kaplan-Norton BSC Certification Boot Camp
Corporater, sponsor of the boot camp, will present how technology can aid companies during their strategy implementation and execution.

Reserve a one-on-one with experts at our booth!

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