Challenges in Software Selection


  1. Each business has its own unique requirements


    The software should be easily configurable and customisable


    Not all software vendors provide a free proof-of-concept

Software Selection Trends


  1. 89%

    companies expect
    their IT budgets
    to grow


    CEOs are involved in software selection process


    growth in IT spending in 2019


    companies are moving to the cloud


    companies are likely to buy customisable software


    companies switch vendors due to poor software support


    Source: State of IT report, Epsilon research

Common Misconceptions
in Software Selection


  1. Misconception 1: One size fits all

    What works for others may not work for you. Each business is unique and since each business strategy is different, the methods required to execute the strategy must vary as well. Focus on your needs.

    Misconception 2: A product with great Technical functionality is the right product

    Do not just choose a product for its technical functionality. It is critical to also look at the flexibility and ease of use that places the functionality in the hands of your business users. A solution that is easy to manage and maintain will offer a predictable implementation timeframe, and a lower total cost of ownership as the solution is used well into the future.

    Misconception 3:
    Great demos and presentation = Good software product

    Generic demos and presentations are good ways to get introduced to a software solution. It is when you move deeper into the evaluation process and analyze how well a solution fits into your specific business needs that the actual use of the solution emerges. Please remember – the devil is in the details.

Ask these questions when
you select a software



  1. Are you buying a software framework or is it an out-of-the box solution?

    How much customization does it require?

    How are your critical requirements implemented in the software?

    Does it offer the flexibility you will need?

    Are you influenced by analyst reviews? Are analysts covering your business needs?

    Does the software fit into your current and future needs?


Are you ready for software


  1. An excellent way to differentiate vendors is to ask for a free proof-of-concept, and to make it mandatory in your selection process. This will enable an objective evaluation of the solutions.

    Leading strategy management consultant and author, Paul Niven and CEO and founder of Corporater,
    Tor Inge Vasshus discuss aspects of the software journey including how to determine when an organization is ready for implementation in the video below

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