bucket leaks

Every person’s vision bucket leaks

I attended this year’s Global Leadership Summit. It was a great conference which gave me a lot of insights for practice in my own company.

Bill Hybel lead a session called “From here to there”. This session was actually what strategy is all about – taking a company from its current destination to a new destination over a given period of time. Bill said that the most critical part of that journey was not at the start – what he called “here” (starting point). Nor was it the “there” point (strategic destination), but it was the journey between “here” and “there”. That is the most vulnerable and critical part of the journey.
He gave this great piece of advice for application during this part of the journey.
“Every person’s vision bucket leaks!” He underlined that it was important for the management to anticipate how the vision bucket leaks. Managers need to fill the vision bucket during this journey. Over and over again! This has to be done in order to keep up the faith and reach the strategic destination.
I am happy if the people in my organization tells me – “Our vision level is at a low,– please call for some strategy meetings and refill our buckets”. If you don’t have these sensors in your organization that warns you when to fill the vision bucket,  then you better call for a new strategy meeting where the vision is painted as a clear picture for everyone.

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