Correlate Enterprise Risk

Move to a collaborative, integrated environment that enables a unified risk register and bridges the communication gap.

Company-wide Risk Governance

Standardize risk management, risk analysis, and risk treatment processes in accordance with ISO 31000, COSO, ISO 27005, or a hybrid.

Enhance Internal Culture

Include all aspects of risks that may threaten your strategic objectives, including facets of business integrity.

Complete overview of risks and threats

Centrally manage any type of risk: financial, operational, safety, environment, technology, strategic, compliance, digital, third-party, and others. Monitor key risk indicators (KRIs), assign risk owners, and conduct risk assessments. Corporater ERM software helps organizations standardize and automate risk management processes (i.e., risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment, risk monitoring, and risk reporting).


Risk Dashboards

Risk Assessments

Risk Planning

Risk Identification

Incident Management

Risk Reports

Corporater Business Management Platform
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“The part I appreciate the most is that adaptability of the software. We can share information. If one entity identifies a risk, it considers as important, it can easily be shared with other entities. It is also very easy to produce reports. Anything in the system can easily be exported to reports in different formats.”

Lars Bjarne Rovang,

Senior Advisor Risk Management | Gassco