Delivery On-Premise

Flexibility in all that we do

Our Business Management Platform supports a wide range of business needs- and technical needs. Flexibility is a driving value behind our product. We offer our customers the choice in how our platform is implemented—both on-premise, and in the cloud. The choice is yours.

Technical Architecture

Deployment on your choice of infrastructure

The Corporater Business Management Platform is technologically flexible and can run on common environments, both physical and virtual.

Simplified integration with backend systems

Running Corporater on-premise lets you easily integrate with other systems, including those that are not exposed to the world wide web, due to technical or security concerns.

Full application support

Even when the infrastructure is provided and maintained by the customer, Corporater can provide technical assistance in all critical stages of deployment.

Regular customer support and service level agreements still apply to the application itself.

Questions & Answers

If my infrastructure changes

Corporater can be easily redeployed between supported platforms without losing or compromising data integrity.

What about security?

The same development policies apply to security, both for on-premise and Cloud. Our source code is security screened by a 3rd party (Veracode) as an integrated part of our development cycle.

Do you support SSO or custom authentication policies?

We understand authentication mechanisms and user directories can be complex, so we offer flexibility in Single Sign-On and user management. You can choose to enable Single Sign-On through Windows Authentication (Kerberos or NTLM) or SAML 2.0. Corporater also supports LDAP, to keep your users and groups synchronized with your user directory.


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