Culture eats strategy

Culture eats strategy for lunch

I have come across this quote several times in the last few months. I have been thinking about the reality of this quote. Why does a quote say “Culture eats strategy for lunch”? and why not the other way?

If we just compare the power structure of it, you will see who wins:
CultureStrategyWhy culture wins and eats strategy
EmotionalRational/ logicalEmotions are strong. Just think of the power that is released by people when it comes to the emotions of ‘love’ and ‘heart’.
Based on the pastBased on the futureMost organizations (read people) are making decisions based on past experience. You can never re-do your past – but you can certainly change your future.
People drivenBusiness-drivenMost people tend to do what is best for them – not what is best for the company. We can ask “are employees working for the company to prosper, or is the company made for the people to prosper?”. In most organizations, people have enormous power (informal power).

When you see the power balance between culture and strategy – I think it is time that we take the “alignment” part more seriously. The company’s culture should be aligned with the strategy in addition to aligning strategy to individuals. If not done properly, culture will eat strategy not only for breakfast but for lunch and dinner as well.

Enjoy your meal…

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