Corporater celebrates 20 years

Corporater celebrates 20 years of enabling organizations worldwide to manage their entire business on a single platform

Stavanger, Norway – Twenty years ago Tor Inge Vasshus, a sales and finance professional-turned-entrepreneur, decided to leave his job in the oil & gas industry and venture into the world of enterprise management software solutions. His vision was to develop a business management platform that would enable organizations to have a complete overview of their business performance in one view, and to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Corporater was established on April 28th, 2000, with a single office, two employees, zero customers, and a goal to redefine how business applications are built and used.

Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, Corporater became one of the fastest growing global software companies in business management solutions. Today more than 100,000+ end users in over 50 countries trust Corporater to help them implement corporate governance, improve performance, manage risk, and stay on top of compliance.

tor inge vassus
“When I started the Corporater adventure in the year 2000, I was inspired and driven by the vision of developing a business management platform that gave a single view of a company’s business management. Today we are the experts in developing complete, configurable business solutions built within a single platform that adapts to our customers’ business applications. We acknowledge that all businesses are different, and it is important to us to reflect this uniqueness in every business solution that we create. Therefore, our platform is designed as an agile, no code, configurable system,” noted Vasshus.

Corporater specializes in building custom, configurable solutions that are secure, fast, scalable, and compatible with any pre-existing tools or applications. To support their growing list of customers and partners, Corporater has established a network of more than 150 employees working at 9 offices across the globe.

Through the years Corporater platform has evolved in step with new technology trends, development methods, and market demand. As the platform evolves, so do its capabilities. Thanks to a best-in-class team of developers, the Corporater platform continues to become faster, smarter, and more advanced – enabling users to get more work done in fewer clicks. To better serve its customers, Corporater also broadened its initial focus from performance management solutions to the area of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). One thing, however, remains unchanged – company values.

“I strongly believe that our acquired success rests upon our values, and that these values form the core of how we, in Corporater, conduct our business – always focusing on doing what is right, by applying the highest standards of ethical conduct in every decision, every relationship and in every interaction. Our code of business conduct guides us on this path towards the vision that started it all, and it unites all of us by guiding our everyday decisions based on honesty, integrity and trustworthiness,” noted Vasshus.

Corporater Values:

  • Ethics – We do what is right. We apply our ethical code of conduct to every decision, relationship, and interaction, to our colleagues, partners, customers and vendors.
  • Customer-centric – We care about our customers and their business. We are professional, accountable, easy to work with, and responsive to our customers’ needs.
  • Servant Leadership – We serve each other. We believe that every person has an equal value and deserves civility, trust, and respect. We work collaboratively and give credit and recognition where it is due.

Corporater has embraced these values for the past twenty years and continues to use them as a base to promote a culture of innovation, collaboration, and superior customer service.

Making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate is a part of Corporater’s ongoing social impact mission. Since its inception Corporater has been actively involved in several community development initiatives in Norway and other parts of the world. The main focus of these initiatives is to offer sustainable solutions for people and communities in need of an assistance, and to bring back hope and life.

“There are three words engraved in my wife’s and my wedding rings: Life, light and increase – which sums up what Aslaug and I would like to bring to the world. Bring life where life seems lost, bring light where there is darkness, bring Increase where things seem to decrease,” noted Vasshus.

In 2018 Corporater selected Seb’s Projects India as its social impact initiative and invited all Corporater employees to join in on the cause. Seb’s Projects India is a non-profit organization that focuses on creating schools, community health programs and livelihoods programs with communities in the poorest rural and tribal regions, and building the capacity of the natural community leaders to sustain these programs themselves and implement them in surrounding villages. Corporater matches all employee donations 1:1. Other social impact efforts of Corporater employees include charity projects such as sponsoring roof repairs, water purification system, and new mattresses for an orphanage in the state of Kerala in India, and providing emotional support and resources to patients under cancer treatment in São Paulo, Brazil.

In addition to promoting the twentieth anniversary on its website, in its advertising and at industry tradeshows, Corporater plans to observe the occasion with a celebration dedicated to Corporater current and former employees, customers, and partners.

For more information on Corporater platform, software solutions, partnership opportunities, and its plans for the future, visit or send an email to


Corporater is a global software company that enables organizations worldwide to have a complete overview of their business in one view. It’s a “One view. One platform.” Trusted. Secure. Integrated. No coding needed. Corporater specializes in providing smart software solutions for Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance (GPRC). All solutions are fully configurable, fast, secure, scalable, and compatible with any pre-existing tools or applications. Corporater solutions are used by more than 100,000+ end users in public and private organizations in over 50 countries. Corporater works with organizations from various industries, including state and local government, energy, education, banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, health care, technology, logistics, food and agriculture, communications, media, and non-profit. Corporater is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, and has a network of 150+ employees located at 9 offices across the globe.
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