Corporater Business Management Platform raises the bar for Gwinnett County.

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With 800,000+ citizens, Gwinnett County located in the suburban Atlanta, Georgia is currently the 9th fastest growing county in the US and has been among the fastest growing counties for the past 20 years. Gwinnett County implemented balanced scorecard (BSC) in 2008 when the population was only 450,000 and has used its scorecards to manage more effectively as the county almost doubled its population to over 800,000 without adding any staff except where needed to maintain acceptable service levels in areas such as public safety and water.

The Customer

The leadership at the Gwinnett County wanted to take an innovative approach in defining and managing performance at the business level. This required blending traditional performance assessment practices with continuous improvement methodologies. A Performance Analysis Division was formed to deploy a performance improvement program in late 2006. During that time, multiple industry level metrics and local metrics were applied by County departments, but there was no single, consistent method for connecting and communicating overall performance.

The County’s leadership team understood that performance was more than utilizing resources to get thing accomplished. They sought to answer the question of how to enhance performance on a continuous basis and how to communicate that story to everyone.

Client Statistics

  • 4,300+ employees
  • 13 departments
  • 43 divisions
  • 800 strategic initiatives

The Challenge

Prior to adopting a more comprehensive framework, Gwinnett’s performance approach was to focus on individual projects. Gwinnett wanted to implement best practices and raise their overall level of performance by defining success in measurable terms.

Transitioning from a project-based perspective to defining strategic objectives, with relative key performance indicators, aligning initiatives to the objectives, and cascading to 13 departments with 43 divisions proved to be an information management challenge. The County required a system that provided the visual, as well as functional, management of the information.

The Solution

Gwinnett needed more than a product to track performance metrics, they needed a solution that would flex to their unique needs and a vendor who cared about the county’s outcomes.

Corporater Business Management Platform distinguished itself by demonstrating true commitment to the balanced scorecard methodology and formed a mutually beneficial partnership that the County knew would be essential to the success of its program.


“Corporater’s entire team, from the technical experts to the executive leadership, has been instrumental in the successful deployment of our program. The entire leadership team has personalized our business relationship by demonstrating how much they want us to succeed at the Gwinnett County balanced scorecard initiative.”

Rick Reagan
Manager of Performance Analysis, Gwinnett County


Corporater Business Management Platform in Gwinnett County

The business users, administration and information management team at Gwinnett found Corporater Business Management Platform to be user friendly as they quickly become experts with the system. With minimal technical expertise, these users are capable of performing routine updates to their scorecards.

The consultants from Corporater also helped refine the objectives and KPI’s that are now measured using the scorecards.

Currently, 60 scorecards are in place across 13 departments including:

  • County Administrator
  • Police Department
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Department of Water Services
  • Law Department
  • Department of Community Services
  • Information Technology Department
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Department of Financial Services
  • Department of Support Services
  • Planning and Development Department

“The team from Corporater, from the technical experts working with County Information Technology staff to the executive leadership team, was instrumental in the successful deployment of the program. The County has been impressed with Corporater’s positive attitude to address the smallest concerns, knowledge of scorecard data, willingness to share best practices, and active pursuit of product enhancement input from their customer base”.


  • Greater Transparency

The County has been able to transparently demonstrate performance results, and information in various forms. The BSC was a central topic at a recent Board of Commissioners’ Retreat where County leaders, elected officials, and the media were able to view the performance program. Long term, the county intends to make the system more visible to all citizens by displaying the performance results online.

  • Greater Accountability

Corporater Business Management Platform has raised the performance bar for the County team. Continuous improvement commitments are now defined and communicated regularly in monthly director meetings with the executive leadership team. This information is not only used to gauge the organization’s overall progress, but also as a component in leadership performance appraisals.

  • Data-driven Decisions:

Gwinnett County uses Corporater to analyze performance as well as to justify, plan, and execute more than 800 strategic initiatives across the 13 departments. For example, in analyzing emergency response times as compared to industry standards, Gwinnett was able to predict a drop in performance as the County grew and to justify new, strategically placed, fire stations to ensure community risk was proactively controlled.

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