Corporater Business Management Platform (BMP) helps Helse Vest compile and aggregate statistical data for KPIs and initiate Strategic Initiatives to improve results

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Helse Vest (Western Norway Regional Health Authority), based in Stavanger, Norway, is a state-owned regional health authority operating more than 50 hospitals and institutions in the counties of Rogaland, Hordaland, and Sogn og Fjordane.

The Customer

Helse Vest is one of four regional institutions responsible for Norway’s national hospitals. As part of a government-driven national patient safety program, Helse Vest hospitals, along with hospitals in other regions, were required to biannually survey and report their employees’ opinions on patient safety. In addition, they were required to apply appropriate corrective measures across all care teams and hospitals. The survey was conducted by having all employees answer a comprehensive questionnaire about patient welfare and safety.

Client Statistics

  • 25,000+ employees
  • 50+ hospitals/institutions
  • 3 counties

The Reliability and Availability Challenge

With more than 50 institutions, a fragmented IT infrastructure, and rigorous rules for anonymity and data safety, the challenge was to find a solution that met the set standards. Helse Vest needed to make survey results available to all management levels in the organization, while at the same time securing the respondents’ anonymity. After the surveys were completed, Helse Vest had to follow up with reports presenting the corrective actions taken. In addition, the surveys had to be followed up on and commented on at regular intervals.

The Solution

Helse Vest was a customer of Corporater, and the Surveyor module was developed and integrated as a permanent module in Corporater BMP. Results from surveys were imported into the BMP and aggregated and presented in the solution, where comments and initiatives could be applied.

The module, based on Google web technology, handles the data and complies with rules for traceability and anonymity of respondents. It distributes the survey through satellite servers, ensuring safe and hassle-free data collection. The information gathered helps management take corrective actions, and the BMP measures these initiatives based on set KPIs.

“Conducting the survey and taking corrective action was a manual and time-consuming process, and we needed a tool that automated the entire process, yet abiding the rules on anonymity and data safety.”

Inger Helen Berge

IT consultant at Helse Vest

Corporater BMP at Helse Veste
Any survey’s credibility depends on a high response rate. In the case of a patient safety survey, there are a number of challenges with infrastructure and a need for multiple ways to complete the survey. These challenges could have potentially reduced the response rate below the required minimum of 70 percent.

The solution presented a survey module within Corporater BMP that met all of Helse Vest’s needs and delivered these benefits:

  • Ability to add localized questions to the predefined set of standard questions
  • Immediate presentation of results at the lowest aggregation level, with aggregated data provided at all levels
  • Simple analytical tools
  • Ability to track results over time
  • Reports, including comments and initiatives, available for all levels
  • Implementation of the solution at private institutions in the region

The Surveyor tool at Helse Vest was a great success, with a response rate that exceeded the required 70 percent. In total, 17,000 employees responded.

The responses were collected via email-distributed logins, letters with links and usernames/passwords, open surveys, paper-based surveys, and other options. Furthermore, initiatives based on the survey results could be monitored for performance, based on the set KPIs for each department

Corporater BMP has been highly flexible in capturing and combining the survey data from all of our hospitals and can easily turn them into action items that are measurable,” stated Inger Helen Berge.


Automated Survey Management
The team at Helse Vest can now set up and distribute surveys for employees and patients that follow all applicable rules and regulations for confidentiality. Results are automatically uploaded and presented in Corporater BMP and are available to all levels of management

Well-Managed Strategic Initiatives
Helse Vest implemented a plethora of strategic initiatives based on survey results from various departments. The BMP allows management to measure the performance of these initiatives and analyze their contribution to achieving desired outcomes and managing risk.

Improved Management Reporting and Transparency
Data aggregated across departments has led to better management reporting and increased transparency among departments. The real-time reports have created visibility for senior management, who can dive deep into performance nuances by department, KPI, targets, and other criteria.

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