Corporater Business Management Platform automates strategic realignment at Kenya Commercial Bank Group

Industry: Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Group Limited is a leading commercial banking group headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the parent company of KCB Bank Kenya, the largest bank in Kenya, with more than 250 branches and more than 7 million customers.

The Customer

KCB has grown tremendously during the last 30 years and is known for its diversity and growth potential. In addition to KCB Bank Kenya, it has five other regional units:

  • KCB Bank Burundi
  • KCB Bank Rwanda
  • KCB Bank South Sudan
  • KCB Bank Tanzania
  • KCB Bank Uganda

With an eye toward expanding to more countries and doubling KCB’s share price, KCB management wanted to realign their business strategy. They also wanted to align employee performance to the strategy and monitor performance across the organization.

Client Statistics

  • 900 ATMs
  • 322 branches
  • 5,500 employees
  • 9 group companies

The Challenge: Automating Performance Management

A strategically mature organization, KCB was already using the balance scorecard methodology to monitor performance. It maintained its balanced scorecards through Microsoft Excel worksheets that were sent to employees, manually completed, and returned to the human resources (HR) department.

Considering the tremendous speed at which KCB was growing — in terms of both employees and strategic initiatives — the manual process had become tedious and unsustainable. KCB’s senior leadership recognized the need for an automated, web-based performance management solution.

The Solution

Corporater Business Management Platform automated the process. It created the visibility KCB needed to review performance at the organizational level. It also helped KCB define organizational goals and translate those goals into department-level objectives and initiatives.

With Corporater Business Management Platform, KCB made the necessary links from departmental performance to organizational performance.

“We wanted to automate our performance management framework from a 100 percent manual system to a robust, web-based enterprise system that could offer capabilities for deployment into any new countries
where KCB may venture.”

Frederick Kioko
Head of Compensation and Benefits

Corporater Business Management Platform at KCB Group

At KCB, business users, administrative users, and the information management team all found Corporater Business Management Platform to be user-friendly. With automated scorecards, data entry forms, performance reports, and 360-degree employee feedback forms, the platform increased accountability and ensured that stakeholders had complete clarity on performance indicators.

“Corporater Business Management Platform has ensured a single version of truth for performance management, with robust reports, flexible information distribution, and comprehensive metrics.”

Frederick Kioko

More than 300 scorecards are in place in KCB, covering 322 bank branches and more than 150 business users in these and other areas:

  • Accounts
  • Back office
  • Credit approval
  • Finance
  • Human resource development
  • Information technology
  • Insurance
  • Legal

The platform’s Transformer module helped KCB receive organizational updates and facilitated initial updates of financial numbers. To ease data sharing, the platform enabled data extraction to other systems, in familiar file formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, ASCII, HTML, XML, and Adobe PDF.


Faster Performance Review
With Corporater Business Management Platform, KCB has automated its performance review process and increased accountability. This reduced administration time in performance reviews and has allowed KCB’s HR staff to develop comparative appraisals. The resulting process ensures accuracy while being easier to manage.

Enhanced HR Planning
Real-time reports give HR a clearer view. It can now delve more deeply into departmental and employee performance. This has led to driver-based planning and has set up a performance baseline to create an integrated workforce.

Improved Organizational Communication
Corporater Business Management Platform has brought better objectivity to performance management at KCB, improving the relationship between management and staff. The seamless communication of corporate goals across the workforce has led to better strategic alignment.

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