Corporater Academy was founded with a mission to empower our employees, customers, and partners with a fundamental knowledge and continuous education about the Corporater platform, so that they could help our customers create more success stories around the world.

About Us

Corporater Academy is an education program developed to train the next generation of Corporater platform specialists around the world. It includes structured courses designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the Corporater platform and business solutions.

From the moment you enroll, you’ll find a team of Corporater experts who are personally dedicated to enhancing your education and helping you succeed. Your realized goals are our proudest successes.


Gain comprehensive training on BMP features, integration, and tips & tricks to fully harness the product’s potential.


Learn how to acquire and develop relevant soft skills that directly impact your professional success.


Receive an extensive guidance on how to leverage and demonstrate your expertise in your workplace.

Our Courses

Be inspired. Be trained. Be transformed.

At Corporater Academy we measure our success by the degree to which we improve our students’ expertise, contribute to their personal development, and enhance their skillset. We use our expertise to support our students’ professional development through a top-class professional education. With hundreds of Corporater customers and partners at home and abroad, we ensure our courses include comprehensive knowledge applicable worldwide.

All students who successfully complete a formal education course will receive an official certificate of completion. All courses are open to Corporater employees, customers, and partners. The Corporater BMP Power User course is a pre-requisite course for all other courses.

BMP Power User

Corporater BMP Power User is Corporater Academy core course that covers introduction to Corporater BMP, basics of the platform, web use, data models, and a brief overview of concept models. This course is intended for Corporater employees (as a part of onboarding process), partners, and customers. The Corporater BMP Power User course is a pre-requisite course for all other courses.


Configuration Expert course provides advanced training on Corporater implementation and configuration. It provides hands-on training related to the latest BMP features, integrations, tips & tricks, and know-how for developing product core skills. The course agenda includes topics such as Strategic initiatives, Risk Management, Security, Default Systems, Transformer, Workflow and Form.

Corporater v.5
Web Functionalities

Stay up-to-date with the latest BMP features. The Corporater v.5 Web Functionalities course provides a foundation training used to train users on v.5 features, including responsive design, customized background images, theming, and new web interface. It is recommended for all Corporater employees, partners, and customers.


The Extended Functionalities course provides knowledge on how to configure Corporater BMP using a basics scripting language. Participants in this session should feel comfortable with the basic knowledge of BMP configuration.

Upcoming Sessions

Find a session that fits your schedule.

Sharpen your skills alongside your peers and friends of tomorrow. Learn from our mentors and develop expertise that will help you enhance your career and professional development.

We will be updating this space soon with the upcoming sessions in 2020, and access to the registration form.

Through Curiosity

It pays to be curious.

At Corporater Academy we strongly believe in developing knowledge and building competence through formal education.

When great minds collaborate, anything is possible.

Corporater Certified

All students who successfully complete any Corporater Academy formal education course will receive an official certificate of completion.

Through Education

We believe innovation comes from willingness to learn with an open mind.
We believe in being pioneers.
We believe in taking smart risk.

We believe growth can only happen
if we continue to sharpen our skills.

Formal Education

At the Corporater Academy, our Formal Education courses and programs challenge you to expand your vision of what’s possible. We are committed to your success, to learning and exploration, to discovery and impact.

Study together alongside your colleagues, customers, and partners, and develop expertise that you can instantly apply in your field.
Our training methodology for all formal education courses includes blended learning – online training and classroom activities. Online content is set up as the prerequisite for all classroom curriculum.


Gain a solid understanding of each course topic through interactive online learning modules developed by Corporater experts.


Experience our hands-on classroom activites and build connections with fellow professionals in your industry.

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