Paul R. Niven
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Paul R. Niven

Noted Author, Founder and President

Senalosa Group, Inc.

Paul has written five highly regarded books on the topics of strategy and strategy execution. These books have been translated in over fifteen languages and sold in the hundreds of thousands. All have been ranked on Amazon’s top 100, and are considered must-have resources for Balanced Scorecard and strategy practitioners in organizations of all types.

In addition to writing books, Paul contributes regularly to high-traffic blogs, and respected periodicals and has delivered keynote addresses at prestigious international conference venues. Paul has spoken at conferences in London, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Oslo, Bucharest, Helsinki, Singapore, Jakarta, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Riyadh, Lebanon, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, and many locations throughout the United States and Canada. Over the past fifteen years Mr. Niven has spoken to thousands of executives and strategy practitioners representing a wide spectrum of organizational types and sizes.

Paul is the Founder and President of the Senalosa Group, a boutique consulting firm exclusively dedicated to assisting organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors achieve breakthrough results by successfully executing their unique strategies. The firm provides consulting, training, and assessment services for: strategy development, mission, values, and vision creation, Balanced Scorecard design and implementation (including Strategy Mapping), organizational alignment, change management, strategy-focused meeting management, strategy-based budgeting, and other topics as required by clients.

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