strategy management

Target Dictatorship

I have seen many different ways in which organizations go about Target setting. One company I visited had a target of implementing the Balanced Scorecard within two weeks of the announcement. They got just two weeks of notice – and the CEO expected [...]

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bucket leaks

Every person’s vision bucket leaks

I attended this year’s Global Leadership Summit. It was a great conference which gave me a lot of insights for practice in my own company. Bill Hybel lead a session called “From here to there”. This session was actually what strategy is all about – taking a company [...]

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strategy execution

Rhythm of business

I don’t know what type of business you are in but from a Strategy Execution methodology perspective, it matters. When I read management literature I find good generic models for forming and executing strategy. And, they all apply the same way for [...]

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live strong

Live strong – living up to the strategy

Are your employees living up to the strategy of the company? If not – they are not alone. Only 5% of employees understand the company’s strategy and hence, they are not able to live up to the strategy. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Why are the key employees [...]

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long term goals

Long Term Goals

I have often wondered about company goals that are set 10 -15 years in the future. Does anyone take them seriously when they are set so far in the future? In my previous career, I worked for an oil company, and we set targets for exploration efficiency (how good we [...]

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corporate performance management

The Business Guillotine – Only brave people can set ambitious targets

How is it in your company? Are your heads chopped off if you set ambitious targets and don’t reach them? If your company’s performance culture is characterized by “head chopping,” you will most likely [...]

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Plans cast in stone

When is your budget outdated? The day you write it. I have worked with creating budgets in large corporations and was amazed that we still adhered to the old way of allocating resources. Luckily there are individuals and companies that have examined this under [...]

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strategy management

Strategic Destination Statements – a real dream of the future

Dreams are an important aspect of our lives and keep us moving forward. The same driving forces like dreams can also be applied to business. One concept that I like is the strategic destination statement. In this [...]

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business war

We are at war – time to change!

More and more companies find that “business is war.” Either you beat the competition, or you are beaten by the competition. In times like this, where competition is global and is changing rapidly, it is necessary for companies to change and adapt. We need “radars” [...]

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budget process

The annual budgeting process – the “ritual rain dance”

Companies start early to prepare the next year’s budgets. Normally there is a pre-process during the spring or summer where the foundations are laid. In September or October the real inauguration starts. At this time [...]

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creating arenas

Creating arenas for employees to connect to strategy

There is a lot of unrealized value in your organization, especially employees who are close to customer and customer requirements. They have a lot of valuable input to product and product strategy. It is therefore [...]

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consultant advice

Do you need software ? Can you trust a management consultant’s advice?

Most companies with a Performance Management (PM) initiative ask themselves the questions if and when they need software to support their PM initiative. There is no simple answer, and I hear “neutral” advice [...]

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